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Why Hummingbird Feeders are So Popular?

hummingbird-feederHummingbird Feeder Attracts "Flying Jewels"

A hummingbird feeder can be one of the most rewarding wild bird feeders to have in a backyard for bird watching.

The rewards far out weigh the effort.

There is more effort in maintaining feeders to hold hummingbird food than any other feeder for attracting wild birds. But it is also the least expensive to fill.

Nectar feeders will attract many other wild birds and critters too, other than what they are designed to attract.

There are a host of other birds who love to have a taste of Hummingbird food  from time to time. I have provided a list of birds further down this page that you may witness trying to lap up your nectar.

And this sweet nectar will attract unwelcome guests as well.

hummingbird feederFemale Ruby Throated Hummingbird Defending Her Meal Station!

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I recommend any of the following feeders (Scroll down for information about Hummer feeders) and cleaning brushes because:

  1. They are all manufactured by companies that have a goal to provide good products.
  1. They are not so functional either as to sacrifice the look. After all such beautiful, amazing little birds should be enjoyed feeding from a good looking feeder! ;)
  1. The first 6 have glass syrup holders which have the upper hand because glass is easier to keep clean and mold free because it is non-porous.
  1. But having said that, 3 are made of plastic that is difficult for the sun to break down and is very hard plastic, making them less porous. Plastics have made great improvements over the years for feeders.
  1. Droll Yankee"s "Perfect Little Brushes" are a "must have" accessory for cleaning the feeding ports and keeping them mold free.

Bottle brushes are also necessary to get the insides of the nectar holder clean and mold free. The Hummer's Galore 2-pack are extra long and would be ideal for cleaning tube feeders as well. (Just be sure to clean the brushes thoroughly to prevent cross-contamination.)

Best Nectar Feeders & Accessories

Nectar Feeders With 1-5 Gold Star Ratings

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Important Hummingbird Feeder Accessories

Your Hummingbirds will love these!

Just place them in your existing bird bath and plug them in.

They come with their own pump.

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How Many Styles of Hummingbird Feeders are There? 

Syrup feeders are available in many different styles. The common denominator among them is that they all hold liquid nectar which these little birds love.

Even though they are available in many styles, there are only two types;

    1. A pan or trough type.

    2. An inverted syrup holder, which operates by gravity or vacuum.

Saucer Style Nectar Feeder

HummZinger Hanging Hummingbird Feeder

Each type of feeder can be purchased in many different styles. There is a wonderful choice available.

syrup feederInverted Gravity Syrup Feeder

Nectar feeders can be mounted to windows for a great close up view of the little hummingbirds while they are drinking.

Or they can be mounted on a pole or hung from a tree branch or hook from a deck or wall.

There are feeders designed to accommodate multiple visitors at one time or an individual user.

It can be an awesome decision.

You can also purchase unique feeders which not only compliment the stunning beauty of the little birds they are designed to attract but also provide some individuality to the ambiance of your backyard.

This is possible because many artists are now creating blown glass feeders as works of art. They can be purchased in an amazing assortment of colours and styles. This certainly can add an artistic flare to any backyard habitat.

Many manufacturers are producing very attractive and highly functional feeders as well. I have included a lovely one in my recommendations below.

Feeders are often entirely made of plastic. But glass is becoming very popular as the syrup holder and metal for the drinking ports because of the benefits.

nectar feederDecorative Glass Ball Feeder - operates by creating a vacuum that holds the nectar in the ball. (Replacement part offered above.)

How do Plastic & Glass Hummingbird Feeders Compare?

Pros & Cons of Glass Feeders:

  • Glass syrup holders provide a little insulation from the sun compared to plastic.
  • They last longer because they are made of elements that don’t break down as quickly.
  • Glass is more stable in wind.
  • Of course glass has the disadvantage of being breakable.
  • Glass is usually more expensive.

Pros & Cons of Plastic Feeders:

  • Plastic feeders are lighter to work with than many glass feeders.
  • Therefore where to hang it is not as limitng because it is easier to find a location for light weight feeders.
  • Plastic is usually more economical to purchase.
  • The disadvantage of plastic is that it is porous and may absorb smells and is therefore harder to clean.
  • Plastic will also break down from the sun and need replacing sooner.

 What Accessories are Available for Nectar Feeders?

Hummingbird feeder parts are available for purchase instead of having to buy a whole new feeder.

If you find you are in need of a part for one of your feeders you will find them here, along with accessories you might find helpful:

   Hummingbird Feeder Parts   

What Other Birds Will Use a Nectar Feeder?

There are many other species of birds which enjoy drinking at syrup feeders. The following is a list of birds which have been recorded drinking from hummer feeders as published in “A Complete Guide to Bird Feeding” by John V. Dennis.

16 Finches and Sparrows

6 Orioles

7 Woodpeckers

6 Titmouse

4 Nuthatches

3 Mimic Thrushes

16 Warblers

4 Tanagers

Although not birds:

Some nectar drinking Bat species

house finchHouse Finch Love Nectar Too

woodpecker-at-nectar-feederFemale Flicker Sipping
Hummingbird Nectar

Puzzled ?#!*

One year I was consistently finding a little plastic flower from a hummingbird feeder lying on the deck. I had been feeding hummers for many years in this same location and this had never happened before, so I was a little puzzled.

At first I thought perhaps it was just a loose fit and the wind had blown it out. But when I popped it back in it was quite snug. After I found it on the deck a couple of more times, I just brought it in the house and left the feeding hole exposed.

One day I noticed something outside the window and looked up to find a Baltimore Oriole hanging onto the feeder, enjoying a drink. So my mystery was partially solved.

The oriole feeder was hanging only about five feet from the hummingbird feeder, under the eaves, in front of another window. The Baltimore Orioles had already been coming to their feeder for a few years. I really never figured out why the Baltimore Orioles decided to try the hummer feeder but they continued to go back and forth.

Perhaps it was because the Hummingbirds, along with the Finches used the Oriole feeder all the time. So now both types of feeders have all three types of birds using them!

Fruit & Jelly Feeders I Recommend & So Much Fun

There is a lot to know about Feeding Hummingbirds, find more below & in sidebar at top.

  • Hummingbird Food “The Energy Drink” This mixture is a very simple syrup solution, but you need to mix it in proper proportions or risk harming these little birds.
  • Hummingbird Plants Produce flowers which are suited for Hummingbird beaks with elongated, bell shaped flowers and if they are wild flowers and not hybrids produce lots of nectar.
  • Cleaning Syrup Feeders The little Hummingbird is a feisty and fussy diner! If a good maintenance regimen is followed, bird watching in your backyard will be more rewarding.

About Habitat & Behaviour

  • Hummingbirds Learn about the Western Hemispheres most interesting bird and the worlds smallest bird. Intriguing is only the beginning.

Hummingbird FAQ's

  • Balcony Hummingbird Feeders Will Hummingbirds Use a Feeder on a Balcony? I am moving to a 4th floor apartment which has a balcony. Will hummingbirds use a feeder …
  • Hummingbird Feeder Food What Health Problems Does Hummingbird Nectar Cause? Following a recent trip to Costa Rica we learned that the growth of use of sugar water …

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