What Bird Sounds Like Water Drops? The Brown-Headed Cowbird

Bird Sounds Like Water Drops

The Brown-headed cowbird is known for its fascinating habit of laying its eggs in strangers’ nests. But its unique behavior isn’t the bird’s only noteworthy feature. Brown-headed cowbirds are also interesting because of their unusual vocalizations. Their song has been described as water dripping into a pool. Let’s look at this interesting little bird, especially … Read more

A Bird That Sounds Like a Frog? Read On To Find Out More!

Bird That Sounds Like a Frog

The Hooded Merganser is a small, flashy duck with a fascinating vocal quirk: males sound like frogs! You can find Hooded Mergansers throughout most of North America, depending on the season. They are medium-distance migrants, traveling between the eastern and western halves of the continent. However, many Hooded Mergansers stay put all year long. For … Read more