Hummingbird Feeder With Metal Base

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Hummingbird Feeder With Metal Base

by Lisa

(Potters Mills, PA, USA)

Hummingbird Feeder With Metal Base and hummingbirds eating from it.

Hummingbird Feeder With Metal Base

Question About Hummingbird Feeder With Metal Base.

Good Morning!

I’m beginning to think our hummingbirds are turned off by the metal base which screws into the glass bottle of our hummingbird feeder.

They come to the metal ‘flowers’ on the base to drink, sometimes take a quick drink, but leave — or maybe check one of the other ‘flowers’ and then leave.

When I wash the feeder (with hot water), I notice an obvious metallic smell around the flowers.

Has anyone else brought up this question or wondered about these metallic bases vs. plastic bases?

Could it be that the hummers are turned off by the metallic smell (the metallic bases are beginning to rust a bit, not significantly, but here and there)?

Thanks for your help.
Lisa Z

Hi Lisa

I have not heard of anyone having that problem with a metal feeder.

But as it is smelling when you wash it and beginning to rust I would suggest getting rid of it and purchasing another.

Hummingbird Feeder With Metal Base

I have a feeder that has a metal base and glass syrup holder too. I have never had any problem with it smelling or rusting.

The Hummingbirds seem to like it, but it does not have perches for the birds to sit on, so I don’t use it very much.

I would like to suggest some of the feeders on the page I have provided the link to below, which has a number of metal base feeders and most of them have a lip around the edge that the Hummers can sit on while they drink.

I asked some friends of mine if they have had any problems with a Hummingbird feeder with a metal base and only one person reported any issues.

One person said they have a feeder made from a mason jar and the port part is made of metal, no issues with hummingbirds using it.

Another person said her birds seem to like it just fine. She said she has one out of 4 that has a metal base with white metal flowers.

Someone else said, “I have the plastic ones as well, doesn’t seem to be any difference, in use or cleaning.”

Do Perches Make A Difference?

Another person shared, that they would feed on it, but there wasn’t a nice little perch to sit, so she switched to feeders that they can land on and sit and drink… “I really get to enjoy the sight of them sticking their little heads right into the feeding flowers/ports.” (As I shared earlier that’s my experience without perches too.)

One person shared a negative experience with metal feeders, she had trouble with mold and rust on the metal bottoms, so she switched feeders.

Purchasing A New Feeder May Be The Answer

Metal and glass are better as plastic does break down over time and can release toxins as it deteriorates.

Good Selection of Hummingbird Feeders with Metal Base

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