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Bird Feeder Plans:
That Are Easy To Follow

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Bird Feeder Plans By Our Readers & For Our Readers

Bird feeder plans can be hard to find and sometimes hard to follow.

So I decided, “why not ask our ‘handy’ and talented readers if they would share their home-made plans with everyone”.

If you fall into this category of backyard bird watcher with a special ability to build a bird feeder, then please consider sharing your knowledge.

If you would like to see plans that have already been submitted then scroll further down the page.

Please submit your ideas, even if you wouldn’t consider yourself “handy” or talented, but have come up with an interesting way to feed your feathered friends that works.

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But please, if you are not interested in submitting a plan then scroll down this page and see what other readers have shared, it is always fun to see what other people have made.

We are open to all kinds of bird feeder designs, ones that attract a specific type of bird or some like a platform style feeder that will attract a wide variety of species to your yard.

If you want to build your own bird feeder, “how to build it” is what we want to help you with here, with the assistance of our readers.

  • Do you have a great bird feeder that you made that you think others would enjoy as much as you do?
  • Is it something you conjured up yourself?
  • Or an “old faithful” that you don’t remember where it came from any more?
  • If you followed a plan from a book, we would love to see the finished product.
  • Go ahead and show off!

Best Bird Feeders are Home Made!

When you are sharing please try to be as specific as possible:

  1. Tell us step by step, if you can (or I can help with that after you submit it, not that I’m an expert, far from it, but I will do my best.).
  1. Explain what materials you used. If you used plywood, let us know the thickness or if you used a pie plate, let us in on what “yummy” pie was in it first, (you are right, I’m just kidding). But you get the drift. You may think something is obvious, but it’s not always obvious to everyone else.
  1. If you have a picture you can share, all the better. You know that old saying “A picture is worth a thousand words” (and that’s a lot!)

Your bird feeder plans do not have to be the best ever, ready to win the grand prize at the county fair! Have a look further down the page and have a look at some home made feeders submitted by other readers. They are awesome and made by hand.

Share away!

So, if you have a bird feeder plan that you would like to share with us, this is the place to do it!
As soon as you click in the space, the window will expand to give you all the space you need.

Please, include your email address so you can be answered privately if needed. Thank you.

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More plans further down!

Plans for a bird feeder can be simple, or complex.

What kind of bird feeder you want for your backyard is up to you.

For more help and information on different types of bird feeders go to Wild Bird Feeders: What Types Should Be In Your Garden.

You can build a bird feeder that attracts Woodpeckers or create one that the Bluebirds will just love. The choice is yours.

You can investigate here How to Build a Bird House: The Right Way

Help For Building Bird Feeders

Perhaps you would like some help with building your own bird feeder. You have the tools and skills to build something but not the plans.

I have provided great books with plans to build houses and feeders for wild birds.

We have also had some very good feed back from these books which you can order below.

If you make one of the projects using the books on bird feeder plans or bird house plans, please consider sending us a picture. We would all love to see some of the creations from the books.

You can send them in using the form above on this page and uploading your photo. It is very simple and thank you in advance!

Here are My Recommendations for Books & Kits on Making the Best Bird Feeders

It is sometimes hard to choose a book with plans that produce the products you want and are easy to follow.

The following books with bird feeder plans come highly recommended.

Bird Feeder Kits

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