Seed Feeders Are Enjoyable, Fun & Can Be Made for All Occasions

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We all know that holidays are busy days.

So preparation is important to plan out what needs to be done to increase the likely hood of enjoying this special time with family and friends.

So get your outside work completed early and make your wild birds some holiday fun too.

Not to increase their enjoyment because they will of course consume your offerings whether they are plain or decorated, but for yours.

Imagine your home is decorated and meals are planned.

You are sitting down one morning to relax with a cup of your favorite hot drink before your busy day begins.

You look outside to see who is visiting your feeders and yes!

There are all those fun treats you made for your feathered friends to enjoy and indeed they are doing just that!

Ok, they don’t care if the suet balls have a sprig of holly attached or if the swag looks great tied up with that handsome plaid bow, but you do.

Your outdoor space has all of a sudden been transformed to be an extension of your indoors and you love it!

Some great ideas coming your way right here on this page and then there are more here.

It is very easy to turn any of these holiday treats that are Christmas related to any holiday fun or celebration you are partaking in by simply changing their decoration or leaving them as is.

The important thing is to ENJOY!

How to Make Seed Feeders for The Holidays?

(No Time? Not Handy? You Don’t Have to Go Without!)
See Here

Seed feeders make the best Christmas gifts and excellent gifts for all other occasions too by just changing out the adornment.

Outdoor Christmas tree decorations that add colour to your yard and fill appreciative little bird bellies.

  • Using cookie cutters, cut Christmas shapes (Christmas trees, gingerbread men, bells, balls, etc.) from slices of whole wheat bread.
  • Lay the cutout shapes on a cookie sheet.
Cookie Cutter Bird TreatCookie Cutter Christmas Tree Decorations

  • Insert a wire hook (the kind used to hang decorations on a Christmas tree) into the bread shape near the top.
  • Toast the bread shapes in the oven (300 degrees) until dried out
    and hard (refrain from turning the bread more than once, I did not turn
    mine at all).
  • Let the bread shapes cool.
  • Pour wild bird seed into a large flat pan.
  • Smear peanut butter on one or both sides of the bread shape.
  • Press the peanut butter smeared side(s) into the pan of birdfeed. Make sure a large amount of seed mix sticks to the coating by gently pressing the toasted bread shape into the seed mixture.

Hang the festive decorations from trees, shrubs, or other bushes in your yard. The shapes will look great and the birds flocking around the trees will provide a wonderful sight at your birdseed feeders.

How to Make More Homemade Wild Bird Treats

Decorative Garlands that Taste Good Too!

  • Cut a long length of thread (5 – 6 feet is perfect!)
  • Thread a medium-sized needle with the thread doubled.
  • Tie a large knot at the end.
  • OR use a length of fine fishing line (5-6 feet)
  • Thread onto a larger needle.
  • Tie a large knot at the end.

Tips on Collecting Seed Feeder Ingredients

Collect some or all of the following ingredients:

  • peanuts in the shell
  • cheerios
  • shreddies
  • fruit loops
  • fresh or dried fruit
  • cranberries
  • apples
  • raisins
  • dates
  • bananas
  • oranges
  • pineapple pieces

Now the Fun Begins!

  • Create your own garlands (my grandchildren call them bird necklaces) by threading the “goodies” onto the long length of thread.

Oops! I almost forgot. Popcorn is a much-appreciated part of the garlands too. (But can be tricky to get it to thread without falling apart. Handle gently!)

Helpful Hints

  • Coating your thread with wax or fat will help to ease the items along the thread by making it slippery. To achieve this either run the thread along the side of a candle or through buttered fingers.
  • Sometimes after threading a piece of fruit you may have to wipe the needle clean. Otherwise, the needle will become too sticky to work with.
  • Do not push the goodies too tightly together on the thread. When they are packed too tightly it may cause the popcorn and peanuts to break off into pieces.
  • Hang the garland on your outdoor trees.

You will have many hours of pleasure watching your feathered friends enjoy their festive treat!

seed feeder with fruitA Chunky Birdy Granola Cookie & Fruit

Christmas Cakes For Wild Birds!

If the stunning cake on the left seems like a larger task than you want to take on, then try this recipe below. Simple and loved by our feathered friends!

When you make your Christmas cake (or use any fruit cake) this year, make one for your backyard bird friends.

To make it go further and to help prevent it from falling through the feeder, crumble it into a bowl and then mix in some softened suet. (Need a suet recipe?) Use a half suet and half Christmas cake combination. The wild birds will love it!

The fruit and nuts in the cake will be a welcome festive treat that will also serve to warm up your feathered friends in the cold Christmas season.

You can put it in a suet feeder, or simply place it on a platform feeder.

This is also a great way to use up a Christmas Cake or pudding that doesn’t quite please your taste buds.

After Christmas purchase cakes or puddings that have been reduced for quick sale.

You will draw appreciative takers though, who will pay you back in full with moments of delight as they chow down on your Christmas cake morsels and other bird seed feeders!

No Time? Not Handy? You Don’t Have to Go Without!

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