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Recipes For Suet
2 Special "Beak Smack'n" Good Mixes

My Favourite Recipes For Homemade Suet

red-bellied-woodpecker-femaleThis Female Red-bellied Woodpecker Loves These Recipes

The following recipes for suet are my favourites and the first ones I used for years, in both summer and winter. It lasts very well during the heat in summer and doesn’t get all sloppy. (I always keep suet feeders in the shade in summer.)

The wild birds just love it. But be fairly warned, if you start to use it, be prepared to mix it often!

Four Season Suet
A No-melt Suet Recipe


1½ cups beef suet (rendered, see instructions here)

1½ cups smooth or crunchy peanut butter. (Just the kind that is only peanuts, if it contains margarine it will melt in warmer weather.)

3 cups quick cooking oatmeal

3 cups cornmeal

1½ cups whole wheat flour

Mixing Instructions:

1.  In a large saucepan over medium low heat, melt beef fat and peanut butter, stirring frequently.

2.  Stir in remaining ingredients. (If mixture is too dry add more melted beef fat.)

3.  The mixture can be rolled into balls, wrapped in clear wrap and frozen.

4.  Or, it can be poured into a pan 1 to 1½ inches thick, cut to any size, wrapped in clear wrap with wax paper between the layers and frozen until needed.

Or, pack into re-purposed holders (see a list below).

You can experiment with substituting different types of seed for the oatmeal or cornmeal when you make suet. Some seed will work better at various times of the year and attract different types of birds.

This is a good suet for birds in summer.

woodpeckers love suetHomemade Suet Attracts A Male Hairy Woodpecker

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Best Suet is the Hard Fat Around the Kidney from Beef or Mutton

List of Interesting Ingredients To Add to Recipes for Suet

    Cat food (canned or dry)

    Dog food (canned or dry)

    Processed meat (no additives or spice)


    Chopped dried fruit

    Dried cranberries

    Dried elderberries

    Wild berries

    Bakery products (bread, buns, doughnuts, cookies, crackers)


    Chopped corn




    Seeds (hemp, poppy)

    Ground bone (bone meal or cuttlebone)

    Chopped nuts

    Sunflower seeds shelled

    Other shelled seeds

    Ants’ eggs

    Dried crushed egg shells

    Sand/gravel - birds need this for digestion

The last two ingredients are to provide wild birds with their need for calcium from the egg shells and grit for digestion from the sand.

Both these ingredients are difficult for wild birds to find during the winter in snowy regions. (More about Winter Feeding for Bird Watching.)

They will both be well accepted by the birds if served separately on their own too.)

Recipes for suet should be made with a variety of wild bird food to increase its nutritional value.

Red-breasted and White-breasted NuthatchesRed-breasted & White-breasted Nuthatches Enjoying Suet Together

List of Creative & Interesting Holders of Recipes for Suet

Cut oranges or grapefruits in half, then scoop out the pulp to make little fruit baskets. Attach string or yarn to hang when filled with suet.

Same as above with melon or pumpkin shells. Leaving a little pulp will be well received.

egg shells

coconut shells

hard taco shells

ice cream cones

baked tart or pie shells

Re-purposed household containers:

plastic food containers

cartons (like milk comes in) - pack mixture to top, cool in refrigerator, then slide or cut out of carton, slice

old pottery or ceramic bowls and cups no longer used

Downy Woodpecker MaleMale Downy Woodpecker Dining on a Favorite Meal

Suet Feeders ~ My Top Picks

Fascinating and Unusual Suet Bird Food!

We had a neighbour who lived down the road from us, who had an intriguing practice for bird watching. He would collect “road kill” and deposit the carcasses on the side of the road in front of his house.

This unusual custom would draw Turkey Vultures for all to watch. I personally found it fascinating and wished we lived closer to get a better view.

But I just couldn’t stomach the thought of collecting “road kill” myself!

Leave Out The Starlings!

Yes, the name is correct for these recipes for suet. Two suet mixtures which Starlings don't  like.


    1 cup rendered beef suet

    2 cups cracked corn finely chopped

    2 cups white or yellow cornmeal

Mixing Instructions:

    1. Heat suet and bring to boil, take pot off heat.

    2. Mix in cracked corn and cornmeal.

    3. Return pot to stove and heat entire mixture together.

    4. Pour mixture into container.

Another option is, follow the same directions as above but only use the following ingredients to make your suet bird food.

    1 cup rendered beef suet

    1½ cups white or yellow cornmeal

Learn More About Suet

  • What is Suet Bird Food? Suet bird food is probably the most high energy wild bird food which can be offered to our feathered friends. Add food items to the fat base for more nutrition and fun for you.
  • More Bird Suet Recipes So how much fun can you have with feeding suet to your backyard birds, just have a try with these eclectic suet recipes "Birders Delight", "It Must Be Love" & "Captain Crunch".
  • What is "Unsuet-Suet"? Nuthatches, Woodpeckers, Chickadees and many more birds will love this mystery delicacy. The biggest problem you will have is keeping it out there in your yard and available as it will be eaten very fast.

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