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How to Attract Hummingbirds? Is a Common Question

Hummingbirds are curious little birds that evoke immense interest from bird watchers all over the world, even though they only live on one half of the earth.

Their ability in flight is matched by no other animal on earth.

They can maneuver in all directions with seemingly little effort.

And they are ever in a hurry.

Flitting from flower to flower with amazing speed and most often eating on the fly.

Even as we find them fascinating and curious it seems they find us rather interesting in return.

If you have fed Hummingbirds on a regular basis you may have noticed that they can become quite curious about you as well. 

It seems they do take note that you are supplying one of their favourite meals, nectar syrup.

They can be enticed to drink syrup right from the palm of your hand if you are patient enough.

If you have a regular sitting area outside you may have noticed that your Hummers will hover quite close as if to be having a good look at you.

Perhaps it is their way of letting you know that their feeder is getting low, empty or needs attention in some way.

Or perhaps it is their special way of saying "Thank You!".

Hummingbirds Quiz for Information

There are so many questions that could be asked about Hummingbirds:

What else do they eat besides nectar?

Where do they build their nest and how big are their nests?

How many different kinds of Hummers are there?

What should I look for when buying a nectar feeder?

How can I attract Hummingbirds to my backyard?

Do they live all over the world?

How can I stop the bees and ants from getting in my nectar feeders?

Take the Hummingbirds quiz and test your knowledge about these fascinating creatures. Then follow the links in the sidebar or at the bottom of the page to discover the answers to all of these questions.

Hummingbirds Quiz

Have You Got the "Buzz" or the "Hum"?

A "little birds"
B "flying jewels"
C "buzz birds"
A true
B false
A suet
B millet
C bugs
A love to swoop threw a dripper or mister
B splash and bathe like other birds in a bird bath
C Hummers hate water
A taken down early to force the birds to leave
B left hanging, clean and full until the birds have not been observed at the feeder for two weeks
C given to the neighbours for them to look after
A only in South East Asia
B in both Eastern and Western Hemispheres
C only in the Western Hemisphere
A true
B false
A incubating the eggs at night
B the male does not play a role in parenting
C gathering nesting material
A Hummingbirds eat about every 10 minutes
B they eat almost one half their body weight in sugar each day
C Hummers love fresh bananas
A all winter as it is almost like a state of hibernation
B on cold nights
C just before mating season

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Discover more interesting facts below & in sidebar above

  • Hummingbirds’ Migration is a marvel when you think about the tiniest bird on the planet, flying thousands of miles each year and not just once but twice. How do they do it against the wind, inclement weather and find enough food?
  • Hummingbird Mating is truly a joy to witness! Their flaming gorgets which attract mates also wins our hearts.
  • Hummingbird Habitat information is vastly varied, spanning a diverse set of geographic areas. Tiny creatures with mighty spirits!

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