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Choosing Birding Binoculars

Choosing birding binoculars is very important. Because most of the
best binoculars on the market are designed to meet many needs, it is
important that you make your decision on personal preferences.

Your purchase decision will be made easier and the results will be better, if you do the research yourself.

course, you can ask friends and family about their experiences with choosing binos. And, without a doubt, every storeowner and clerk
will have an opinion. You can attend bird watching club meetings too to get experienced opinions.

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How to Choose Bird Watching Binoculars?

1. Bird Watching Binoculars Should Reflect Your Needs

our house, binoculars have two purposes. My husband wants compact
for sporting events.

Whereas, I couldn’t care less about
seeing a pulling guard make the perfect block for a running back. (But don’t get me wrong, I love attending sporting events because of the excitement and I do know a little about the games too.) ?

But more importantly for me as far as binoculars are concerned I want to be able to determine whether the Woodpecker on my Elm tree is a Downy or a Hairy. So I need a good pair of bird watching binoculars.

2. How Important are Size, Weight and Durability?

Bird watching binoculars come in many sizes and weights. Ultimately the
final decision rests with you. The average weight of binoculars is
around thirty ounces. But, you can find heavier or lighter models.

weight and durability may not be important for determining factors if
you are going to limit your bird watching needs to the back deck or

But, if you are an avid canoeist or hiker and will be carrying your tools of the trade then the physical size
of the binoculars is important. Even a light weight pair can seem heavy after a couple of hours.

Which leads to consideration of the style of strap you will wear. The
comfort level of the strap on your neck will be important after an hour
or two of birding too. You will appreciate discovering what others have
found that makes the hobby enjoyable.

As well, the durability of your binoculars becomes a key component to the purchase decision-making process.

What is Eye Relief?

I have a friend who for many years, simply refused to use binoculars
when we were birding.

Her reason was simple. She wore glasses and had
never been able to comfortably use binoculars. There is a solution.

you are purchasing binoculars consider the “Eye Relief” given by each

This factor is the amount of distance that binoculars can be held
from the eye or eyeglasses and work effectively.

manufacturers offer binoculars with fold down rubber cups.

The cups fit around the lenses of eyeglasses to block light from the peripheral vision which causes a great deal of visual difficulty for eyeglass wearers.

It is also very helpful for eyeglass wearers to use binoculars with a 16-20mm of eye relief built right in. This will give the user a full field of vision.

How to Understand Near Focus?

Usually when one considers using binoculars the primary concern is,
how far away they can reveal an object or image. But, equally important
is, can the binoculars be used to see more clearly an object that is
close to you. If you are going to use your birding binoculars in the
close confines of your backyard garden this is a very important

There are a lot of considerations to be explored
when purchasing birding binoculars for your wild bird watching pleasure.
But with a little time and thought the results will be very rewarding!

If you would like more information about birding in North America and around the world, try this link I have provided to
Bird Studies Canada
, when you have finished visiting The Scoop on Wild Birds and Feeders.

How Much Should You Spend?

Most of us cannot realistically say that price is not important.
Consequently, one of the most important decisions when shopping for
birding binoculars is “How much do I want to spend?”

Start out
with a realistic price range, for example between $30.00 to $250.00 will
enable you to buy an adequate pair. After some exploration you will be
able to zero in on what you want to spend, to buy the best birding binoculars
for your specific needs.

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