How To Stop Blackbirds At Feeders

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How To Stop Blackbirds At Feeders

by Terri Hommel

(Indianapolis, Indiana)

Blackbird Enjoying Bird Seed!

Blackbird Enjoying Bird Seed!

I have had Bluejays, Catbirds, and Rose Breasted Grosbeaks visit my feeder once, but they never return.

I offer premium seed, fresh fruit and berries, and peanuts, in the shell and out.

I have an abundance of doves and various Blackbirds.

I am getting quite discouraged.

Thank you for any advice.

Terri also asked:

I have several types of feeders.

I have tube feeders with the perches at the various ports.

I have quality seed. I change the seed around from one feeder to the other, but whatever is in the tubes is ignored.

Thank you for any advice you have to offer.

Hi Terri

Thank you for asking!

Solving bird feeding problems is really a detective job sometimes.

There are many things you can try and some will work for you, that does not work for others and vice versa.

It is always though, difficult to have other birds feel safe and comfortable at your feeders with Blackbirds visiting regularly.

These bully birds like to stick around and gorge themselves.

They bring their family and friends as they are social birds and may not stop eating your birdseed until there is no more to eat.

Getting Blackbirds to feel un-welcome will be your priority.

First put your peanuts and suet away until you are successful at uninviting the Blackbirds.

The fruit and berries should be fine unless it is too close to the feeders the Blackbirds visit.

Then, only put out black-oil sunflower seed or nyjer seed in tube feeders that the Blackbirds cannot manage to eat from. (And in my experience if the perches are too long then they will manage. ;-))

In the feeders the Blackbirds like to eat from like chalet or platform feeders place safflower seed only, after you have cleaned the feeders well to remove the smell of other seed. Although backyard birds are not reliant on scent as a way to find food, do it for insurance.

For the Mourning Doves, a ground feeder works best, with white millet only. Other ground feeding birds will love this too.

And if you feel desperate about the Blackbirds, never underestimate the influential power of a water gun. It causes no harm and works for all kinds of unwanted visitors.

Wait for a couple of weeks of not seeing any Blackbirds, before introducing your other feeders and seed types back again.

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