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hummingbirds at glass syrup feederMany Other Types of Birds Love Nectar Feeders Too

Why Take the Hummingbird Feeders Quiz?

Hummingbird feeders quiz will test your knowledge of the food preferences of the tiniest bird in the world.

The hummer bird food we mix as a syrup and feed to them is considered by them to be equal to "the nectar of the gods”. A statement born and verified by the constant activity observed around the vessels holding this sugary solution. Not only avidly sought after by Hummers but many other species as well.

Test your knowledge with this Hummingbird Feeder Quiz, because it's not  just simply a matter of boiling up a Hummingbird food recipe, filling a feeder and hanging it outside in your yard. There are some considerations and choices to make to have a successful Hummer feeder experience.

How to Feed Hummingbirds?

We hope taking this hummingbird feeders quiz will help you to seek out more information on how to feed Hummingbirds correctly. 

Questions must be answered such as:

  • How important is it to keep nectar feeders clean?
  • How often should I clean them?
  • Don't Hummers like a strong sugar to water ratio? When mixing the nectar is it important what the ratio is?
  • How can I keep bees and ants out of my feeders?
  • Where should I hang my feeders so the little birds will find it?
  • Will they be able to use a nectar feeder if there are no perches?
  • Are hummingbird feeders made out of glass better than plastic feeders?

There are many more questions that could be asked.

You will find the answers to the questions above and any others you may have by following the links in the sidebar titled "Hummingbird Pages" and at the bottom of this page.

This hummingbird feeder quiz was designed in the hope of adding a little more knowledge and fun into an already enjoyable hobby.

Good Luck!

Hummingbird Feeders Quiz

Hummingbird Feeders are "Sweeter" Quiz

A true
B false
A glass feeders are usually less expensive than plastic
B care and cleaning is more efficient (barring breakage!)
C syrup lasts longer in a glass feeder (barring breakage!)
A hung in the shade
B placed anywhere, they will eventually find it
C out in the open where it is easily seen and moved later to a more ideal location
A leave out all year
B 2 weeks before their expected arrival
C never, feeding Hummingbirds is detrimental to their survival
A everyday if the weather is very hot and when ever filling with fresh syrup
B once per week
C once per month
A hanging feeder in shade
B keeping the outside of the feeder clean
C topping up the syrup level with fresh syrup as it goes down
like flowers that make nectar in many strengths
50/50 water to white sugar for busy times like spring & autumn
C both of the above
A true
B false
A keep the outside of the feeder as syrup free as possible
B spray parts of the feeder with insecticide
C put big blobs of axle grease, Vaseline, or other lubricants around the feeding ports
A keep Hummingbirds from migrating
B compremises their health with white sugar syrup
C both of the above

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More on hummigbird feeders below & in sidebar above:

  • Hummingbird Food: “The Energy Drink” This mixture is a very simple syrup solution, but you need to mix it in proper proportions or risk harming these little birds.
  • Cleaning Hummingbird Feeders: The little Hummingbird is a feisty and fussy diner! If a good maintenance regimen is followed, bird watching in your backyard will be more rewarding.

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