Rescued Bird

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Rescued Bird

by Ciari


I Rescued A Bird, Now What?

Last week, I rescued a nestling in front of our house.

I waited for a while for its parents to come back but it didn’t.

I also tried to find its nest but its nowhere to be found so I had no choice but to get him or else he might be harmed by cats or other animals.

I feed him soaked dog food every day and I believe he’s already a fledging now.

At first, he was in a small container but now I transferred him to a bigger cage and he is already learning how to fly.

The only problem that I have is that he still doesn’t know how to eat and drink by itself.

What will I do for him to learn?

The photo isn’t mine but he looks exactly like that. The bird is a sparrow.

Hi Ciari

The best thing to do is get in touch with the nearest wildlife rehabilitation center in your area and ask them for guidance.

All the best to you and your found bird.


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