Bird Rescue

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Bird Rescue

by Barbara


A family member came to me with an injured city pigeon, with a bad neck wound. I treated the wound, patched it up and the bird is now healed.

The problem is he has trouble walking, he will fall to the side and he will flip over on his back if he runs too fast. He can fly ok, both wings were uninjured but something important in his neck keeps him from being able to properly walk.

I have contacted several wildlife sanctuaries and asked different vets and breeders, but no one wants to help. I plan on sending his blood and feathers for testing, but I am not sure what to do about the mites in his feathers. He can’t clean properly, so I was wondering if there is a good mite treatment for pigeons that would help his discomfort.

We have a large shelter that he is living in and giving a mainly seed diet.

But I’m not sure if I should release him with the injuries he has, or try to find someone who will take him. I don’t mind keeping him, I just don’t want him to be put down because of his injury.

If I should keep him what kind of life should I provide for him? I have had lots of birds, but never pigeons.

Should I train him or just feed him and give him company.

Is there any special care I should keep in mind? For nails/feathers/beak?

Any tips you have on care would be appreciated.

I will attach some photos so you can see what kind of pigeon he is.

I am located in NB Canada and if I cannot send him back to the wild, I want to give him the best possible life I can.

The pictures I am sending are older, when I had to keep him from moving his neck because the chunk that was torn out would open whenever he moved, if you want recent photos I can post more.

Thank you for taking the time to review my questions and I look forward to your reply!


Hi Barbara

You contacted me about an injured pigeon that you have been caring for.

To be very honest I cannot answer your questions as I have not been trained in wild bird care.

Have you tried asking the wildlife centres for advice?

Are you aware that it is illegal to take a wild bird into your home in Canada and in many US states, for any reason, regardless of your intention?

I know it is hard, but not knowing what the right approach is for an injured or sick bird, can cause them more pain and harm than what they are already experiencing.

Having an injury to its neck was likely caused by a cat attack.

I know this is probably not the response you were hoping for, but I really cannot give you any other answer.

I wish you all the best going forward.


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