Can I Move a Nest?

Can I Move a Nest?

by Patty

Carefully Crafted Bird Bed

Carefully Crafted Bird Bed

A Question About a Bird Nest:

I am having a new fence put in next to a nest.

Can I move the nest at all?

If I leave it, I know the fencing crew will scare the mom and knock the egg out of the nest.



Hi Patty

This is a difficult situation for the survival of the egg in the nest.

If you are sure that the crew cannot avoid destroying the nest and sending the chick in the egg to its peril, then moving may be its only hope.

The new nest site you choose should be fairly close to the original location so the parent birds know where to find it so they can continue to care for the baby when it hatches.

It would also help the move to be successful if the new location was similarly located in height and setting to where it is now.

Securing the nest solidly in its new place will be very important, so it is not blown down.

I wish you all the success in the world!

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Feb 23, 2017

If No Other Way... Carefully

by: Judy

Hi Patty,

Thanks for asking!

This is a tricky situation.

It sounds like if you don't do something the nest and egg will be lost for sure. So only if absolutely necessary...

You could move the nest to a safer location making sure it is secure where you relocate it. Hopefully it will not have to be moved too far from its original spot.

The Mom may or may not continue with this nest but at least you will have tried. There is still lots of time left in the nesting season for her to start again if this situation is not to her liking. :)

Good luck!


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