do hawks eat falcons

Do Hawks Eat Falcons? Plus Other Facts About These Birds!

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Hawks and falcons are both raptors, or put more plainly, birds of prey. But do these predatory birds ever make meals of each other? More specifically, do hawks eat falcons?

Although it is not common, there have been reports of hawks preying on falcons. Usually, this occurs when the hawk is much larger than the falcon, and the falcon is unable to defend itself. There are also cases of hawks attacking sick or injured falcons. 

In most cases, however, the two birds will avoid each other, due to occupying different parts of the food chain.

Hawks typically feed on small mammals, while falcons prey on smaller birds. As a result, there is little overlap in their diets and they are not often in competition for food. So, while it is possible for a hawk to eat a falcon, it is not something that happens often in nature.

Do Hawks And Falcons Stay Away From Each Other?

Hawks and falcons share many similarities, including their diet, habitat, and hunting methods. However, there are also some important differences between these two types of birds.

For starters, hawks are much larger than falcons, with a wingspan that can reach up to six feet. Falcons, on the other hand, have a wingspan of only three to four feet. 

Hawks typically prey on larger animals, such as rabbits and squirrels, while falcons typically prey on smaller animals, such as mice and insects. As a result, these two types of birds rarely compete for food. Another important difference between hawks and falcons is their plumage.

Hawks usually have brown or gray feathers, while falcons typically have blue or white feathers. This difference in coloration helps these two types of birds to camouflage themselves in their respective habitats.

Hawks tend to live in wooded areas, while falcons typically live in open areas such as deserts or grasslands. This difference in habitat means that these two types of birds rarely encounter each other.

Who Would Win A Fight

Given that hawks and falcons are both predatory birds, bird enthusiasts enjoy pondering over which bird would win in a fight. The answer? Well, it depends. 

Falcons are powerful, fast-flying predators with sharp talons designed for hunting. Meanwhile, hawks are nimble and stealthy hunters with keen eyesight and sharp claws. So, who would come out on top in a battle between these two fierce predators?  There’s really no definitive answer. 

Generally, hawks are larger than falcons, which gives them more power and endurance in a fight. However, falcons are have a longer wingspan gives them an advantage in terms of speed and maneuverability. So while hawks may be more agile hunters, it’s difficult for them to keep up with the speed and power of a falcon in flight.

Basically, each bird has its own unique strengths and weaknesses that could come into play in a fight. Ultimately, it would come down to the skill of both the birds the hawk, and the falcon.

Do Hawks Eat Baby Falcons?

Hawks don’t actively seek out falcons of any kind, given that they prefer an easy meal. However, hawks are opportunistic feeders, who will eat whatever they can take down. 

In the case of falcons, it’s far easier to prey on baby birds than it is on full-grown ones.

While it is unlikely that hawks would make a habit of preying on falcons, they may occasionally take advantage of an opportunity if a young bird is weak or vulnerable. In any case, it is clear that the relationship between these two iconic raptors is complex and fascinating – and still largely a mystery.

Do Hawks Eat Falcon Eggs?

If you’re wondering: do hawks eat falcon eggs, we have the answer for you. No. Despite hawks being larger than falcons, they’re not the easiest bird to prey on. Falcons with babies to protect would be even more territorial than normal.

There’s also the fact that falcons tend to build their nests in inaccessible places, such as on cliffs or in tall trees, making them difficult for hawks to reach.

There are exceptions to this rule, of course; for example, the golden eagle is known to occasionally prey on peregrine falcon chicks. However, this is relatively rare, and most hawks do not pose a significant threat to falcon populations.

How Can You Tell Hawks And Falcons Apart?

Hawks and falcons are both raptors, with similar outer appearances, but there are a few ways to tell them apart.

The mature hawks are generally white and brown, whereas falcons are gray and white. Some species are brown and white as well, which is another sign of distinction.

The hawk has a brown cheek whereas the falcon has a white one. In mature birds, the belly of the hawk is characterized by dark stripes that go down to a thin white band at the base. Falcons have striped bellies all the way down to their feet.

The only issue is that the bird you are looking at is most likely to be brown and white until maturity, which makes it difficult to identify. Take a look at the bird’s cheeks in this case because even falcons that are juvenile have white cheeks on their faces.

The beaks of falcons are often angularly bent or cut. They may quickly break the necks of their prey with this design. Hawks, on the other hand, have smooth beaks that gently curve.  They also utilize their powerful talons to snare and dispatch their food.


We hope this blog post answered the question: do hawks eat falcons. Generally, the answer is no. But in nature, anything can happen.

Therefore, a great chance that if a hawk comes across a small, injured, or abandoned baby falcon, it may try to make it a meal. Otherwise, the falcon’s similar size and hunting skills may make hawks shy away. 

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