do hawks eat mice

Do Hawks Eat Mice? Surprising Facts About The Hawk’s Diet

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Hawks are carnivorous birds of prey that typically eat small mammals such as rodents, rabbits, and hares. However, they will also consume insects, reptiles, and other birds.

However, you may be wondering: do hawks eat mice?

Since mice fall under the whole “rodent” category, then it’s safe to say that, yes, hawks eat mice! This blog post will break down more about this topic, what type of hawks eat mice, and how that process works. 

Do Hawks Eat Mice?

As stated above, yes, hawks eat mice! Hawks are predators that will eat nearly anything they can catch — especially small, meaty animals that will give little resistance. This makes mice especially attractive to hawks. 

In addition to mice, hawks also eat other small animals such as voles and lizards. They’ll also eat insects, reptiles, birds, and even fruit if they come across it.

Basically, a hawk’s specific diet depends on the available food sources within its habitat. 

For example, Cooper’s hawk is known to eat a lot of small birds, while the red-tailed hawk primarily eats rodents. And if mice are around, you can be pretty sure that they’ll add them to their menu as well. 

What Type Of Hawks Eat Mice?

Technically, any hawk will eat mice if they’re hungry enough.

But there are some hawks that are more inclined to feast on these furry pests than others. Let’s talk about three common types of hawks that regularly eat mice: Cooper’s hawk, the sharp-shinned hawk, and the red-tailed hawk.

Cooper’s hawk is a medium-sized hawk that is found throughout North America. It has a long tail and short, rounded wings. The Cooper’s hawk hunts by stealth, sneaking up on its prey before attacking. It typically eats smaller birds but will also take rodents like mice.

The sharp-shinned hawk is a small hawk that is found throughout North and Central America. It has a short tail and long, narrow wings. The sharp-shinned hawk is an active hunter that uses quick bursts of speed to catch its prey. In addition to eating birds, it will also eat small mammals like mice.

The red-tailed hawk is a large hawk that is found throughout North America. It gets its name from the reddish-brown feathers on its tail. The red-tailed hawk is a powerful hunter that can take down prey much larger than itself, including rodents like mice.

Do Hawks Hunt Mice?

Some people think that hawks only hunt large prey, but this is not always the case. Hawks are opportunistic hunters, meaning that they will take whatever prey is available. This can include small animals such as mice or young birds.

Research has shown that the majority of a hawk’s diet consists of small animals. While hawks typically prefer to hunt alone, they will sometimes team up with other hawks to take down larger prey.

This behavior is most commonly seen in hunting groups known as “kettles.” Kettles can consist of dozens or even hundreds of hawks, and they are often able to take down animals that would be too large for a single hawk to handle.

However, kettles are only formed during certain times of the year, and they are more likely to be seen in areas where prey is abundant.

Do Hawks Swallow Mice Whole?

While it is true that hawks are capable of swallowing small animals whole, they typically prefer to eat their prey in smaller pieces. Swallowing an entire mouse can be a risky proposition for a hawk, as the mouse may struggle and wriggle its way free, potentially causing injury to the bird in the process.

In addition, hawks have relatively small stomachs, so swallowing a large prey item could lead to indigestion or other digestive problems. For these reasons, hawks will typically kill their prey by biting off its head, then eating the rest of the animal in smaller pieces.

So while it is technically possible for a hawk to swallow a mouse whole, it is not something that they typically do.

Do Hawks Eat Rats?

While the exact diet of a hawk can vary depending on the species and location, they are all skilled hunters that use their sharp talons and beaks to kill their prey.

In some cases, hawks have been known to eat rodents such as rats. Given that rats can be on the larger size, they may prefer smaller mammals and animals; but they’ll definitely go for a rat if they’re desperate. 

Hawks typically hunt during the day, using their keen vision to spot potential prey from high above. Once they have spotted their target, they will swoop down and use their talons to kill it. The hawk will then consume the rat, feathers, and all. While eating rats is not ideal for hawks, it is necessary to survive.


Do hawks eat mice? Yes, hawks are known to eat mice. Small, filling, and easy to catch, mice make up a significant portion of a hawk’s diet. Hawks will also eat other small mammals, rodents, and even other birds. 

Hawks typically hunt during the day, using their keen vision to spot potential prey from high above. Once they have spotted their target, they will swoop down and use their talons to kill it.

If there’s a mouse nearby, chances are they’re gonna be hawk food. 

While this might not paint a pretty picture, it is necessary for their survival. 

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