do hawks eat raccoons

Do Hawks Eat Raccoons? Plus Other Diet Facts!

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Hawks are birds of prey, known for eating a diet made up of mostly small mammals, invertabrates, and birds. But do hawks also eat racoons? For bird enthusiasts, this question may come up frequently. 

Raccoons are common in many parts of the United States, and hawks are common in other parts of the world. Still, it can be difficult to know what predators will prey on which animals.

In this blog post, we will take a look at the diet of hawks and see if they include raccoons in their menu!

Do Hawks Hunt Raccoons?

Raccoons are one of many animals that hawks pursue. While hawks typically prefer to hunt smaller prey, they will take down a raccoon if the opportunity arises. There are a few reasons why this may happen.

First, raccoons are relatively slow and easy to catch. Second, they provide a good source of food for hawks, as they are relatively large animals with a lot of meat on their bones.

Finally, while most hawks avoid contact with humans, raccoons are often found in urban areas, making them more likely to come into contact with these prey animals. 

What Type Of Hawk Eats Raccoons?

Hawks are highly skilled predators that can take down a wide range of prey, from small rodents to large reptiles. While most people are familiar with the common red-tailed hawk, there are dozens of different hawk species found across the world. So, what type of hawk eats raccoons?

The answer depends on the size of the raccoon. Smaller hawks, such as Cooper’s hawk or sharp-shinned hak may take down smaller raccoons, such as kits and juveniles.

However, larger raccoons are too much of a hassle for small her hawks. On the other hand, the largest hawks, such as the harpy’s eagle or Steller’s sea eagle, will gladly hunt even the largest raccoon.

Can Hawks Pick Up Raccoons?

While hawks are not known to prey on raccoons specifically, it is not outside the realm of possibility. In general, hawks will go after whatever prey is most readily available and easy to catch.

If a hawk comes across a group of raccoons, it may try to take one down. Raccoons are relatively large animals, so a hawk would need to be fairly large itself to successfully carry off a full-grown raccoon.

It is more likely that a hawk would go after young raccoons, which are smaller and easier to catch. In any case, it is not common for hawks to prey on raccoons, but it is not impossible.

Do Hawks Eat Dead Raccoons?

Hawks are scavengers, which means that they will eat just about anything they can get their talons on, including dead raccoons. Hawks are one of the main predators of raccoons.

Raccoons are nocturnal animals, so they are not often seen during the day. However, when night falls, these furry creatures come out to forage for food.

This makes them easy targets for hawks, which can spot them from high up in the trees. When a hawk sees a raccoon, it will swoop down and grab it with its powerful talons.

The raccoon will try to fight back, but it is no match for the hawk. Once the hawk has its prey in its grasp, it will take it back to its nest to feast on it. So, if you see a dead raccoon lying on the ground, there’s a good chance that a hawk is responsible for its death.


Hawks are predators that aren’t really too picky about what they eat. If they can overpower it (or at least lift it once it’s dead) they’ll take a swing at it.  This includes raccoons, even though they’d prefer a smaller prey item.

Fortunately (for the hawks at least), raccoons are relatively easy to catch and packed with protein and nutrients.

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