Feeding Finches Nyjer Seed and Other Favourite Seeds

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A reader asked these questions about feeding finches:

From Jennifer in Las Vegas, NV

I have four socks in my back yard for feeding finches. The finches eat all the seed in two days.

The netted socks are a good size, not small.

1. Is There a Way to Make Nyjer Seed Go Further?

It’s rather expensive, can it be made to last longer?

Answer: 3 Tips to Make Nyjer Seed Go Further

You are right, nyjer seed is one of the most expensive bird foods to purchase.

First Tip:  Only purchase high-quality nyjer seed that is fresh, which will last longer for a couple of

1. The seed will be mature and when the Finches break open
the outer shell there will be a fully formed seed inside.

This results in the birds getting full with less seed to search through and creating less waste.

When the seed is immature then the bird will have to go through more seed looking for the mature ones that have a full kernel inside.

2. When the seed is old, rancid, or sometimes diseased, the birds will discard it and look for something more palatable.

This again will cause the birds to shovel the food out of the feeder in search of good seed emptying the feeder wastefully.

If the Finches discover this problem repeatedly they will go elsewhere to feed.

Therefore it is important to use good quality, mature seed to save money.

thistle sockNyjer Seed in a Sock for Feeding Finches

Second Tip:  Ensure a proper feeder is used designed specifically for nyjer seed only.

A nyjer seed feeder has tiny holes that allow the Finches to pull out one tiny seed at a time.

Any other type of feeder will have seed ports that are too large, which will allow the wind to blow the seed out.

Nyjer seed is so small and light that it takes only a little breeze to empty a feeder quickly.

Third Tip:  You can also buy a mixed seed blend and add more nyjer seed because that is a Goldfinches most favorite food.

House Finches love millet, milo, and like Purple Finches safflower seed.

If you can purchase millet, milo, and safflower seed separately and mix them with nyjer seed, this will result in a well-liked mix for all Finches to enjoy.

This seed mix can be placed in a tube feeder that has regular ports. The millet, milo, and safflower seed will hold the nyjer seed and prevent it from blowing away.

2. Where Should I Purchase Nyjer Seed for Feeding Finches?

Do you know of an inexpensive place to purchase Nyjer seed?

As a result of poor seed quality, purchasing seed from a grocery store or department store at lower prices, for feeding finches, does not always pay off in the long run.

Many of these outlets are more concerned with profit margins than having knowledge about a specific product.

The seed which yields empty shells will always be more costly in the long run than paying more at the purchase point and receiving fully ripe food.

I recommend good quality seed companies on this website that provide excellent products. Please check out these finch food products:

Thistle Seed & Finch Mixed Seed
(Finches love mixed seed too, but maybe not quite as much as straight thistle seed.)

The other option is to find nature or specific birding stores in your area who carry good seed products.

A Mixed Blend of Favourite Seed Will Attract Lots of Gold Finchesmixed finch food in a tube feeder with a goldfinch sitting at the feeder

3. Is a Wild Bird Finch Food Mix Good for Feeding Finches?

Is it okay to use the “wild finch food” type of seed that includes other seeds in addition to Nyjer seeds?

This is a good question as it is difficult to get a mix that includes only seeds that will be eaten when feeding Finches.

In addition to what was said earlier, here is a list of seed Finches readily eat:

  • Nyjer – Goldfinch & House Finch
  • Black Oil Sunflower – All Finches
  • White millet – House Finch
  • Safflower – House Finch & Purple Finch
  • Milo – House Finch

This is a list of seed Finches do not usually like:

  • Golden Millet
  • Red Millet
  • Peanuts
  • Corn
  • Canary Seed
  • Flax, wheat, oats, barley

The seed that is not eaten in a mixed blend will be left to rot, growing mold and often blocking the seed ports making it impossible for the Finches to access the seeds they like.

I would highly recommend purchasing seed Finches readily eat separately and mixing it yourself. Place the seed in a tube feeder with seed ports just large enough to allow the largest seed in the mix, to be picked out by the birds, no bigger.

Goldfinch Charm Enjoying a Winter Brunch of Nyjer SeedA picture of 5 goldfinches sitting at a tube bird feeder.

Saying all that, I would also like to add that some birds in an area do acquire a taste for seeds which generally are considered not their favorites.

Don’t be afraid to experiment with the wild birds in your area by trying some of the seed Finches generally are considered to not eat. You may be pleasantly surprised.

Feeding finches is a very colorful and pleasant experience!

Thistle Seed Feeders I Recommend & Rate

Thistle Seed & Finch Mixed Seed
(Finches love mixed seed too, but maybe not quite as much as straight thistle seed.)

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