Hummingbird Rescue

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Hummingbird Rescue

by Barb

(Schaghticoke, NY )

Helping Hands Rescue Hummingbird

Helping Hands Rescue Hummingbird

When the hummingbirds came back to our area (upstate New York) in early May, we had five of them happily buzzing about our feeders.

A week and a half ago, there was a torrential rainstorm with ferocious thunder and lightning.

Our birds disappeared for days and we were concerned that the high winds battered and killed them.

Eventually, two came back; however, one of them is no longer able to figure out how to use the feeders.

Instead of going to the opening in the faux flower, he tries over and over again to drink from the side of the red base.

Anyone ever heard of something like this?

Is it possible that he was injured and his vision is impaired?

Or could he be a juvenile without parents to teach him how to feed?

I’m wracking my brain trying to figure this out and I’m worried he’s going to become weak.

Hi Barb

It is disconcerting when a situation like this occurs because it leaves us feeling helpless to help.

And often that is the case, that we are unable to do anything that will remedy the situation.

Many times we are only able to sit back and watch nature play out.

Some of your Hummingbirds may have sensed the storm and moved on.

And some of them could have been blown to another area.

The little one that is unable to figure out the feeder hopefully will just need some time to figure it out after the storm.

You could try a small shallow saucer of hummingbird nectar to see if that will help it.

But rest assured that our feeders are not the only source of food that Hummingbirds feed from.

There will be flowers and bugs that hopefully will sustain this little bird.

All the best and happy birding!

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