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7 Must Do’s To Help Backyard Birds In November

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This Bird Watching Guide November issue, will help backyard bird watchers make the necessary preparations for the well being of wild birds that visit their outdoor spaces, as one season slides into another with colder weather on the horizon.

Make a plan of what you can do to help our feathered friends successfully sustain themselves in the coming colder months.

Let’s Begin The Bird Watching Guide November with:

1.    Offer These 6 Best Winter Bird Foods

These 6 best winter bird foods provide high fat content for energy to keep wild birds warm when they need it most.

Prepare to provide wild birds with these bird foods:

  1. suet
  2. thistle seed
  3. black-oil sunflower seed
  4. safflower seed
  5. cracked corn
  6. peanuts

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2.    How To Keep Nectar From Freezing?

What can you do if your Hummingbirds don’t leave?

Keep Hummingbird nectar from freezing!

This is more common on the west coast of North America where Hummingbirds are remaining in their summer areas, or not migrating as far as they used to.

But some bird watchers in eastern regions have also experienced Hummers who stay around in freezing temperatures.

These birds are likely too sick to travel, or just too old to make the journey to warmer climates, or who have strayed from their normal habitat for whatever reason.

You can help these feathered friends by using these methods to keep sugar nectar liquid, in all temperatures.

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3.    How To Stop Attracting Rodents?

Keep the ground free of seed which rats, and mice are attracted to eat.

There are a couple of different ways to accomplish this, by using specific feeders and offering shelled seed which produces no waste. Find out more here.

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4.    But What If You Do Get Rats?

What can be done if the rats and mice appear at your feeders to prevent them from coming into your house?

Rodents are looking for a warm cozy place for the winter too, somewhere to call their own, sheltered from the elements, with abundant food available and nursery accommodations.

Does your house provide all of these important features to rats and mice?

Of course it does, but there is an answer that works very well, read about it here at Rodent Control!

Bird Watching Guide November

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5.    Get A Heated Bird Bath!

Wild birds have as much need for water in the cold winter months as they do in the hot summer season.

It is one of the 3 basic winter needs that wild birds must fulfill for survival which are food, shelter and water.

Plan to provide open water for your wild birds this winter.

Learn more about Heated Bird Baths.

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6.    It Is Bath Time In November!

Time to give all your bird feeding equipment a bath, again!

Heated bird baths will need to be cleaned regularly too.

All bird feeders, seed trays, bird baths, poles, and hooks must be cleaned, and filled with fresh seed.

Throw out anything that is not fresh or better still, compost it!

When I clean my feeders, I pour any seed still in the feeders or seed catchers into my ground feeders for the squirrels, who make quick work of it, then fill the clean feeders with fresh seed.

Tips for keeping bird feeding equipment clean.

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7.    Adding To Your “Attracting & Feeding Backyard Birds Plan”

Have you had any new thoughts to add to your Attracting & Feeding Backyard Birds Plan?

Here is an idea you might find helpful as the holidays are getting closer and you will be getting busier.

Plan ahead for the coming busy holiday season, so your wild birds don’t wake up to empty feeders.

How can you make it easier on yourself during this busy time?

Bathing your feeders, a week ahead of time and then wiping perches and feeding ports with disinfectant wipes when refilling through the busy time, may save you some stress and your bird friends from finding their feeders empty. 

My hope is that the Bird Watching Guide November has helped you with a clearer idea of what needs to be done this month.

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