Birds Hitting Windows Kills A Billion Birds In North America

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A question from a visitor about how to prevent birds hitting windows:

stop-birds-hitting-windowsPrevent Birds Hitting Windows LikeTownsend Warbler

From Jeanette:

They smash into our windows, but I’m wondering if something in the bird feed is causing them some confusion.

This year has been much worse than others – and today is bad. Other times we’ll find a weak bird that may not have hit the glass, and takes a few hours to finally die.

I’m afraid we are doing something to cause all this.

Lots of windows and reflections in the glass, we don’t clean the feeders often, lots of different types of birds and often a new species shows up for a couple days and gone again.  Thanks

(It is very important to keep feeders clean to prevent disease.)

This is how to clean feeders.

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Why are Birds Hitting Windows?

Thanks Jeanette for asking about this very disturbing occurence.

There are 3 Main Reasons Birds Collide with Windows?

1. Bird strikes are most often caused by windows
reflecting the scene opposite them. The reflection could be sky, trees, shrubs, where birds think they can land, rest and get food.

Windows create a false picture for the wild birds making
them think their world keeps going. Windows which are tinted, mirrored or just
plain glass cause big problems for wild birds.

2. During spring, in the height of mating season, males will often think their
reflection is a rival male. I have seen this behaviour in Robins and Cardinals
in particular. This is the most common reason some people report one bird
striking their window over and over. This does not usually cause the bird as
much harm as striking the window in full flight.

3. The greatest mortality rate due to window strikes is during fall and spring migration. A huge problem exists in cities with all the high-rise
structures. At night in all cities, well lit windows of tall buildings cause
many fatal hits. Birds see the lights of cities while flying high at night and
are drawn in. Often flying right into the light source, but unfortunately there
is a very hard surface that stops them.

One billion birds are killed throughout North America alone
each year by hitting windows.

Wild Birds During Mating Season

I have witnessed for two years now a male Cardinal attacking our van.

It is parked in a location where the slightly tinted windows create a clear
mirror effect.

A male Cardinal each spring hovers around our vehicle hopping on
the side mirrors and pecks away at the windows.

He also hops across the hood
letting that bird in the windshield know that he is not happy to have the
intruder in his territory!

I have not witnessed any injury to this bird and I am assuming it is the same bird each year.

He must be very annoyed with this persistant interloper, because no matter how many times he tries to get him to move on, he stays put!

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How can I Prevent Window Strikes?

In Residential Areas:


Feeders (learn more about types of feeders here) placed close to windows 1-2 feet from window pane, can help birds focus on something closer than the object they see reflected in your glass window. They may still strike the window but because they are not traveling as fast, will not hurt themselves as severely.


Best to move plants that are inside your home, away from windows so that birds don’t try to reach them for a place to perch or eat.


Closing curtains or blinds may help depending on their colour and the reflection created in your specific situation. But in most cases the treatment must be done on the outside of the window to stop the reflection effect. It may reduce occurrences while you work on a permanent solution.

   Prevent Birds Hitting Windows  

window collisions by birdsWindow Bird Collisions are 2nd Largest Killerof Wild Birds Like Mourning Warblers

Birds Hitting Windows Kills 1 Billion Birds

in North America Alone!

To stop the reflection situation from occuring you will need to put something on the outside of your window.


Purchase decals that stick to the outside of the window. But, one decal  in the center of a large window will not be enough to stop the strikes.


Mount a Window Feeder to the outside of the window. This gives the birds something to focus on in front of the window before they collide with the glass pane.


Screens that cover the full size of the window on the outside are available for purchase that are very effective at reducing bird mortality.


The Cornell Lab of Ornithology has an extensive list of things you can do

 to prevent birds from hitting your house windows.

What Can Be Done to Prevent Birds Hitting Windows In Cities?

birds hitting city windowsCity Windows Kill 1 Billion Birds


Encourage businesses with large buildings to save money on electricity and birdlife by turning off their lights between dusk and dawn.


There are also different types of window treatments that can be applied to prevent the mirrored effect.


This organization, FLAP, provides consulting for window treatments to prevent strikes before and after construction.


Many cities in the US have adopted a program called “Lights Out”. These cities encourage all high rise buildings to turn out their lights at sun down during migration months.

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Does Your City Have A Lights Out Program?

Here are 2 websites that list cities & organizations that have programs in place to save birds:

Is Your City In A List Yet?

Flap – Fatal Light Awareness

Lights Out programs across North America

Hitting the Streets with FLAP!

FLAP stands for Fatal Light Awareness Program. This program takes place in Toronto.

This video demonstrates how volunteers in the city of Toronto patrol the streets around tall buildings in the early morning hours and during the day. Their purpose is to find and help injured birds who have hit the city’s windows, especially during migration season.

You can get involved in your own city or town by finding out if there is a program to save the birds from window strikes.

If there isn’t a program where you live you may want to investigate how one might be started. Here is a list of organizations across North America that have programs for saving birds from striking city windows.

   Bird-Safe Links   

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What Can You do When You Find a Bird that has Collided with a Window?

Don’t leave a bird alone that is lying dazed or blacked out from striking a window. Birds are very vulnerable to attack in this situation from cats, racoons, birds of prey or other larger birds.

Place them gently in a box with a lid or a paper bag. Place a twig in the bag or box to give the bird something to hang onto when they revive.

Do not feed them or give them water.

If the weather is good and you can keep an eye on things put them in a safe place inside the container you have provided. But if it is cold or stormy outside bring them inside until they revive.

When they revive, take them outside and let them go, preferably near a tree that is not in view of the window they just hit.

If the bird is too badly injured to release it, search for a wildlife rehab center in your area and call them.

Deal with your window! Put something on the outside immediately to prevent birds hitting windows of your building. Look at the solutions given above and the list on the Cornell Lab of Ornithology site.

It is important that each one of us take responsibility for this disaster of birds hitting windows that kills 1 billion birds in North America alone each year.

People have created this situation of birds hitting windows causing high bird mortality.

Therefore, it is ours to fix.

There is another way people are responsible for even higher bird deaths & it is easy to fix!

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