How to Care for Baby Birds?

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How to Care for Baby Birds?

by Mark

(Mchenry illinois)

I have a robin that has nested and hatched 3 babies in my garage. Mom was in there constantly or when she wasn’t she was right near the garage.

I haven’t seen her in there in over 2 days. The three babies are still there opening their mouths every time I open the door- I don’t want to mess with them but I don’t want them to starve- they’re not ready to fly or leave the nest yet.

Do I feed them? If I do, do I leave them in the nest or bring them down?

I tried to attach a pic, but I’m using my iPhone and it said the file was too big.

Advice please? Thank you?

Hi Mark

Thank you for asking!

It is never a good idea to try and take care of baby birds. They require specialized care and food.

Try to find a wildlife rehabilitation center in your area. Ask if they will take the baby birds if you are absolutely sure they are orphaned.

If the wildlife center can’t take the babies for some reason ask them how you might care for them. It will be a very labour intensive task, so make sure you are prepared to take on this type of adoption.

It can be done successfully but will require knowledge and commitment.

Hope this helps and please let us know how things turn out please.

Happy Birding!

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