Wild Bird Rescue – Whooping Crane

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Wild Bird Rescue – Whooping Crane

by Betty Bardswich

(Mindemoya, Manitoulin Island, Ontario)

We are heartbroken here on Manitoulin Island to learn that someone shot and killed a two-year-old whooping crane.

The federal government has stepped in to assist with the investigation and we pray that the person who committed this monstrous act will be caught.

Hi Betty

Thank you for sharing this with me. I too am heartbroken by this news and hope the federal agency involved will be able to bring justice to this situation.

Please keep me informed if you hear how this situation is developing.

I have just added a section to the bottom of my page on Wild Bird Rescue where visitors can share their experiences with wild birds in trouble. Would you give me permission to add your story? May I use your first name and location with the story?

Thanks again for contacting me!

Hi Judy

I will be kept up to to date on what is happening as I write for both newspapers here on Manitoulin Island and this will be followed for sure. So I can get the information on to you.

I am also a member of the Nature Club and this week’s Expositor had a letter to the editor about the killing by our president.

As well, environmentalist Jan McQuay has written to both newspaper editor.

We are sickened by this.

If you Google The Expositor, you will be able to read the article.

Also, from day one, the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry has been involved in looking for the individual who did this.

I love wildbirdscoop!


If anyone is interested in following this tragic story, here are two links to articles published by Betty’s newspaper.

Public Assistance Sought In Whooping Crane Shooting

CRIME STOPPERS: Whooping Crane shot on Barrie Island deemed special case by federal government.

Information About the Whooping Crane Rehabilitation Project:
Whooping Crane Restoration

General Information About Whooping Cranes From The Cornell Lab Of Ornithology:
Whooping Crane Information

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