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Jul 17, 2018

Wild Bird Scoop Newsletter Archive 2016

The wild bird newsletter archive 2016 is full of interesting and informative information to help make your backyard bird feeding even better. Then signup to receive the current newsletter to stay on top of great tips and how to's.

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Jul 14, 2018

Balcony Hummingbird Feeders Will Attract Wild Birds for You to Enjoy

Balcony Hummingbird feeders attract these little birds to hundreds of feet high. Seed feeders will also draw a variety of birds for bird watching pleasure.

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Jul 11, 2018

What is Drinking My Hummingbird Nectar at Night

What is drinking my hummingbird nectar at night, is not an easy problem to fix. First, the culprit must be identified, then a solution must be found and then implemented, safely and effectively.

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Jul 10, 2018

Wild Bird Newsletter Archive 2017

Wild bird newsletter archive 2017, holds a preview of each newsletter sent out to subscribers with a link to a copy of each issue.

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Jul 10, 2018

Flying Squirrels and all other types, their behaviour defined.

Flying squirrels, are like other North American squirrels. Understanding their behaviour will help us to keep them where we do and don't want them.

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Jul 08, 2018

Birds Hitting Windows

Birds hitting windows is most often caused by the windows reflecting the scene opposite them, trees and sky, but there are ways to stop it.

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Jul 08, 2018

Feeding Finches Nyjer Seed and Other Favourite Seeds is Very Rewarding

Feeding finches, like Goldfinches, House Finches and Purple Finches is easy using nyjer seed or a mixed seed especially blended for finches. Learn more here and enjoy.

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Jul 05, 2018


Hello Until yesterday morning , I had bluebirds nesting in one of my boxes. Unfortunately, after seeing no signs of the parent birds, I opened the box,

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Jul 04, 2018

Wild Birds Attracted to Our Outdoor Space is Enjoyable and Exciting.

Wild birds are amazing to watch; their beauty and interesting behaviour make you feel good. Learn about them, how to attract avian friends to your backyard and solve the problems that come up, here.

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Jun 29, 2018

Hummingbird Feeder When Should It Go Out

Hummingbird feeder when should it go out? Having a feeding schedule for Hummers is important. Having their nectar feeders ready when they need them is key.

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Jun 29, 2018

Feeding Birds from Your Balcony

I live on the 2nd floor of an apartment building and would like to start feeding birds from my balcony. I live in North Dakota, and not close to many

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Jun 26, 2018

Hummingbird Nests are the Smallest Nests in the World

Hummingbird nests are the smallest bird nests in the world to hold the smallest bird eggs in the world, which hatch into the smallest baby birds in the world.

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Jun 26, 2018

How to Feed Hummingbirds - 15 Tip Checklist

How to feed Hummingbirds a 15 tip checklist will make being prepared every spring easy. You will always be ready and prepared for the little birds return after their long migration.

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Jun 25, 2018

Bird Feeder Mess

Bird feeder mess: What can you do about the bird seed building up under your bird feeder from the wild birds dropping it? I can help.

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Jun 04, 2018

Where to Hang Your Hummingbird Feeder

Where to hang your Hummingbird feeder; when to take it down; when to put it up and why?

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