Bird Watching Guide January To Help Backyard Birds In Winter

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7 Must Do’s To Help Backyard Birds In January

Bird watching guide January is the beginning of a new year. It means a fresh start for your backyard bird feeding.


Some January 7 Must Do’s Focus On Change

There will be things you need to do as far as maintenance is concerned, but this is a good month to plan for the changes you noticed throughout last year that you want to make for the coming spring and summer bird feeding.

Some of the 7 Must Do’s this month will focus on some of those changes you may want to make.

For instance, start a new wish list of items you need. Make a page in your plan just for wish list items. In the bird watching guide September #1 explains how a plan could be setup. (Link below.)

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Bird Watching Guide January Resolution

For many people the start of a new year means making promises! I am not big on new year’s resolutions as they are too hard to keep, and I have had too many failures (especially the loose weight one ? )!

But, last year I made a commitment that I would not purchase food that was sold in clam shell plastic packaging and I would choose glass jars rather than plastic bottles whenever there was a choice. This decision means I sometimes have to pay more, but definitely worth it to reduce the amount of plastic I throw out.

Newsletter subscribers are given the option to download a copy of the 7 Must Do’s To Help Wild Birds each month. Going forward the downloadable PDF copy will be short and concise, and the webpage will contain the full explanation of each point. This will make the download easier to use as a checklist. Each PDF download will also have the URL of the page it belongs to, in case you would like to read the full version again. I hope this adds more value to the download for you!  

Because, when I see the dead bodies of water birds revealing all manner of plastic pieces in their stomachs; and one day I saw a very bothered House Sparrow at one of my feeders with a piece of a plastic bag hanging around its neck.

These things makes it easy to choose what we need to change on a daily basis, to be less wasteful and help wild birds survive.

So as much as I irk at the thought of making a new year’s resolution, I have made one for 2020 and that is, going forward, I will no longer purchase feeders that do not come with a lifetime warranty, no more throw-aways!

I have a box in my basement that is full of broken feeders, and some of them did not last more than a few months. I am hoping to one day take the time to upcycle them. ?

I would like to invite you to join me in making a resolution to make our world cleaner, for our precious wild birds!

7 Must Do’s For Bird Watching Guide January

Bird Watching Guide January

7 Must Do’s To Help Wild Birds Series

January is the month to plan your birds return, especially the farther south you live, because your birds will be arriving in less than 2 months.

1. Create An Indoor Bird Watching Station!

Set up an indoor bird watching station with binoculars, camera, a bird guide or 2, a bird note book, drawing tools, comfortable chair with a small table beside it.

Arrange these bird watching supplies in a location in your home where a good view of the birds can be had.

Then everything is handy where you need it for feeder bird watching.

If you have children in your home, make the supplies you use attractive to kids. They will absolutely love this idea!

7 Must Do’s For Bird Watching Guide January

2. Are Your Bird Feeders Sheltered?

Protect winter bird feeders from heavy winds and driving snow.

It is a good idea to build a barrier to shelter your feeders.

Used Christmas trees can be piled up and weighted down or tied down, or erect a snow fence and fill it in with evergreen branches which creates a wall to provide shelter for your birds as they eat and helps to keep feeders free from snow build up.

Just use your imagination and do what works.

3. Do You Have A Plan For The Coming Spring?

A plan for attracting birds to your outdoor space whether you have a backyard, patio, courtyard, balcony or acreage, is the key for success! See #1 in the 7 Must Do’s In September

7 Must Do’s For Bird Watching Guide January

4. What New Bird Watching Supplies Will You Need To Welcome Your Birds Back?

Decide and purchase them soon to be prepared. Consider different types of feeders; bird baths; poles; hooks; bird houses; cleaning materials – brushes etc. and different types of bird food.

5. Will A Bird House Be In Your Plan?

There is lots of time to buy the type of bird house you want to have and get it put up in time for the early migrant’s arrival. But if they start returning before your bird house is up, then it is too late to get tenants for this year but get it up anyway and the birds will get acquainted with it for next year. See what other benefits it may have.

7 Must Do’s For Bird Watching Guide January

6. What New Plants Will Be Added To Your Outdoor Feeding Area?

Think about your yard and where more places for perching, shelter, fleeing and food that plants can give to wild birds through planting trees, bushes, perennial or annual flowers.

Consider wildflowers as they provide more of what birds need in food and nesting material, and are easier for the gardener to take care of too.

7. Have You Developed An Efficient Method For Keeping Things Clean Outside?

Even in the depths of winter bird feeders, poles, hooks and bird baths need to be kept clean to prevent disease from spreading through our feeder birds.

Finches and Mourning Doves are particularly susceptible to disease spread by dirty feeders and baths all year. The risks may be diminished in the winter season but are still risks.

Arrange all cleaning materials in one area to make it easier and more efficient for you.

This is a wonderful month for feeding feathered friends and hopefully the Bird Watching Guide January has helped you to help wild birds!

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