Common Backyard Bird Types The Unusual And Rare

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Common Backyard Bird Types,
The Unusual & Rare

Know Your Visitors!

I promise this is not a list of boring bird facts!


Although I must clarify that even a bird profile with a list of “just the facts” are of great interest to read for me. ?

Bird types of an eclectic collection have been provided by mother nature, some of whom we call common backyard birds.

The bird species of the world are numerous with most bird organizations relating
between 9,000 to 10,000 birds world wide Although some bird experts are
now beginning to think there are actually double that number depending
on how the break down of each species is conducted.

We will only be reporting on the feathered visitors we see here in North America at our bird feeders and bird baths, which should keep us quite busy for a good longtime!

What About The Word “Common”?

Lets first consider the word “common”. Does that mean less important or menial? No, in this situation the word common is denoting birds we see regularly and are familiar with. Northern Cardinals or Baltimore Orioles would never be described as ordinary or dull, but they are common backyard birds that we can experience everyday and are commonplace visitors at our feeders and baths.

But truly any avid bird lover regards most of the bird species we see grace our outdoor spaces as anything but common, closer to amazing! I am sure many of you who are reading this, if not all, are of the same opinion!

Some wild birds we see nearly every day, some seasonally and some are rare or unusual.

The different types of birds listed here are both common and rare at feeding backyard efforts.

There are interesting encounters about feathered creatures that we don’t normally expect to find at our backyard buffet here.

This list of birds is linked to a page that is all about that bird with facts, photos, fun quizzes and stories that tells the A-Z of what that bird is about.

The first group.

Bird Types Common At Backyard Feeders

American Goldfinch

american goldfinch pair 2

The American Goldfinch is a usual visitor to our backyard feeders. The males have a striking courtship attire which has often caused them to be called “canaries”. Watch the Goldfinch video story from Life In The Nest to Full Fledge Youth, it is a joy! Go Goldfinches…

Canada Jay

Recently newly named by the American Ornithological Society to Canada Jay from a long historical record of many names used to identify this bird. It is an intriguing handsome, friendly avian creature that makes friends with humans very quickly. Just open your lunch box in this bird’s territory and be prepared to share! Do you know what this Jay does in the depths of winter? Discover it here!


The adored, pocket-sized, glimmering, helicopter style flyers of the bird world are well covered here at Only found in the western hemisphere and only one species wide spread across North America, they will not disappoint! See for yourself.

Unusual Bird Types Found In Backyard Spaces


Not birds, but flying mammals; no feathers, but fur; no beak, but teeth; no eggs, but live birth; no tail…  We take this amazing, unique little animal for granted. Get the facts!

Great Blue Heron

The name of this striking, prehistoric looking bird is not wasted on this tall wading bird, as it is a great bird in size but also in character, with an intense commanding look, contrasting with tender love towards family members and a soft blue-grey colour. And who would think such a long, skinny necked creature, could possibly swallow this… See it to believe it!

 Common Backyard Birds

  • Part l:  Life In A Goldfinch Nest  This is a story in video of an adventure into the beginning of life for four Goldfinch youths.
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  • Canada Jay
    Meet this energetic, gregarious Jay that will quickly become one of
    your favourite birds. You may even be spurred on to visit an area where
    you can share lunch with this fun bird.
    Canada’s National Bird – My Take  It’s about time Canada named a National Bird, as 2017 is the 150th anniversary there could be no better time to get this done. But…
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  • Great Blue Heron Facts  One of the biggest and best fishermen of the bird world. A beautiful bird, a denizen of the shore.
  • Bird Types  Discover the A-Z about our common, unusual and rare birds that visit our backyard bird feeding stations through facts, photos, fun quizzes and stories that reveal the wonder of our delightful backyard friends.

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