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Who Is The Number One
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"Cats Leading Cause of Bird Deaths"

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  1. Many people think of "birds of prey" as the number one enemy of backyard birds, but they are not!
  1. This predator kills more wild birds than any other predator. 
  1. It is responsible for the deaths of 1.4 to 3.7 billion birds a year in the US alone.
  1. That is a huge number when the estimated population total for wild birds in North America is 10 - 20 billion.
  1. The number one backyard bird predator are feral cats which are not controlled properly by people and pet cats, which are housed and fed by people.

All cats should come with this warning!

"Cats Leading Cause of Bird Deaths"

Yes, it is our pets, our neighbours pets and feral cats, that cause this carnage.

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House Cats & Feral Cats are the #1 Predator of Wild Birds

cats slaughter birds for amusement

The most common peril for backyard birds are house cats and feral cats or as some would prefer to call them, "free-roaming or "community" cats.

They kill more wild birds than any other predator.

This presents a difficult dilemma for “kitty” owners and their neighbours who want to feed the birds in their backyards.

If you have a cat there are ways that you can control the risk of your cat becoming a backyard bird predator.

  • Keeping your cat indoors permanently will of course completely solve the problem, as far as your animal being the perpetrator is concerned.
  • You can put a bell around your cat's neck, but this will not stop the problem because cats are stealthy and by the time the bell rings, it is too late.
  • Keep your pet on a leash while it is outdoors, with you.
  • De-clawing your cat may also reduce the danger somewhat, but it’s not much of a deterrent for most cats as they have sharp teeth. Cats are backyard bird predators by nature and will do what comes naturally to them and that is to hunt. No claws may make it more difficult, but not impossible. And... is de-clawing the best thing for your pet?

cats are annihilating songbirdsCats Hunt Wild Birds for Pleasure!

What About the Neighbourhood Cats?
Do They Contribute To Cats Leading Cause Of Bird Deaths?

Then there are the other cats which live in your neighbourhood. They are harder to control.

You can speak to your neighbourhood cat owners about keeping their pets indoors.

If they see your example of using a cat enclosure and keeping your pet indoors, that will be a big encouragement for your neighbours to do the same.

"Cats Leading Cause of Bird Deaths"

What is the #1 Method to Solve Pet Cats Leading Cause of Bird Deaths?

Get An Outdoor Cat Enclosure!

What is a Cat Enclosure?

A cat enclosure is an outdoor space just for your cat!

A cat patio or cat gazebo or cat deck, whatever you would like to call it.

It is just for your cat or make it larger so you have a place to sit and relax with your cat outside too.

It can be positioned up against your house or apartment, covering a window where a "cat door" can be installed to allow your pet easy access when they want.

Your cat no longer has to be indoors all the time to be safe.

It can go outdoors to enjoy the fresh air when it wants to.

Your kitty will also enjoy the outside world and all it's entertainment, without bringing harm to your pet or your pet causing harm to anything else.

Sometimes people don't realize how much danger their cat is in freely roaming the neighbourhood.

A cat enclosure keeps a pet healthy and safe.

And many times pet owners are not aware of how much destruction their pet is helping to inflict on the bird population.

These cat "playpens" save the wild bird population from destruction and pets from harm.

See a good selection of

Cat Enclosures here.

"Cats Leading Cause of Bird Deaths"

How Do Cat Enclosures Save Cat Pet Lives Too?

  • By eliminating the possibility of a pet being struck by a  vehicle.
  • Prevents a predator attack by animals such as raccoons and skunks, which have a very high rate of carrying rabies and other disease.
  • Ensures your pet will not inadvertently eat something that could make your pet sick or worse.

What Customers are Saying

Paintergirl said:

"My owner was sick of me howling at the door to go outside so she purchased this catio. She installed a cat door to the backyard and now I can go outside whenever I please. I love it!"

radiOchik said:

"... my cats love it, and are going in and out on their own."

MN said:

"I love this catio. My cat loves it too. Perfect solution to letting him have outdoors time without the risk of the dangers there are letting him run free. I sprinkle bird seed around the catio and my cat has hours of entertainment."

Feral Cats: Who are they?

Feral or "free-roaming" or "community" cats, are ex-pets or their off-spring.

They now contribute to cats leading cause of bird deaths.

Sometimes pets are accidentally lost, but too many times people irresponsibly drop their cat off outside somewhere when they no longer want to take care of it.

These cats usually live short lives as they are not equipped to survive on their own. They have lived their lives up to that point being fed and housed by humans.  They never learned outdoor survival skills which results in a high death rate.

Many communities are adopting programs to lovingly take care of these orphaned pets and their off-spring in a caring and humane way.

What can you do to help?

Implore your community leaders to take responsibility by adopting a humane method of taking care of rejected pets:

Community Efforts

If you have feral cats in your neighbourhood and would like to help them yourself, here is one person's experience on how to do that:

Learn How Here

The problem can be fixed if communities educate people and take action.

Then the phrase can be changed from:

"Cats Leading Cause of Bird Deaths"


"People Have Worked Together
to Save the Lives of Cats & Wild Birds"

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