do hawks eat hummingbirds

Do Hawks Eat Hummingbirds? Fact Or Fiction

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When posed with the question: do hawks eat hummingbirds, you may think the answer is a simple yes. Hawks are birds of prey and hummingbirds, while quick, are tiny and would have a hard time fending off these large birds. However, their relationship isn’t exactly cut and dry.

While hawks may occasionally prey on hummingbirds, they prefer larger prey items like rodents or other small animals. You know, meals worth eating. However, if a hawk happens to be hungry enough and there are no other suitable options available, it will certainly eat a hummingbird!

On the other side of this coin, a hawk’s presence can also play a vital role in a little hummer’s survival, which we’ll explore, in more detail, down below. 

Are Hummingbirds Part Of Hawk’s Diet?

Yes, hawks do eat hummingbirds, but they don’t actively seek them out. Hawks typically prey on smaller birds, but on many occasions, hummingbirds just aren’t worth the effort to hunt and earth. are small birds. Typically, they’ll only hunk hummingbirds if food sources are scarce. 

It’s never a good day for hummingbirds when hawks do hunt them, however. Hawks kill their prey by swooping down on them and grabbing them with their talons. The hawk then flies off with the bird in its talons and eats it at a later time. While this may seem like a ruthless method of hunting, it is quite efficient and effective.

Hawks are very good at what they do, and they have been doing it for a long time. As a result, they are quite successful at hunting hummingbirds.

Do Hawks Eat Hummingbird Eggs?

First things first: hawks will eat anything they can get their hands on, which, unfortunately, includes hummingbird eggs if the circumstances are right. Usually, they prefer larger food sources to sustain them, but they will take advantage of an easy meal if food sources are low. 

Small and exposed, hummingbird nests are particularly vulnerable to hawk attacks. Plus, adult hummingbirds often leave their nests unattended while they search for food, making it easy for a hawk to swoop in and grab the eggs.

Although it is not a common occurrence, hawks do occasionally eat hummingbird eggs. Consequently, hummingbirds need to build their nests in protected areas, such as dense vegetation or inside cavities. By taking precautions, they can minimize the risk of having their eggs eaten by a hungry hawk.

Do Hawks Protect Hummingbirds?

On the flip side, research has shown that hawks may actually help to protect hummingbirds from other predators. While hawks are actively trying to protect little hummers, their presence is enough to ward off other birds of prey. 

Once hummingbirds realized that, when hawks were around, other birds kept their distance, they started purposefully building their nests near hawk nests. But just near isn’t good enough — there’s a specific height that keeps hummingbirds safe.

According to Science Mag, jays — one of the hummingbirds’ fiercest predators — often make yummy snacks for hawks, who nest high in tree canopies. So when hawks are near, jays typically hunt and forage above their nest to decrease the chance of a surprise attack. 

This means that hummingbirds have about 100 meters  underneath the hawks’ nest where they can safely raise their young. Well, at least if the hawks aren’t desperate for food that day.

Do Hawks Eat Dead Or Injured Hummingbirds?

As stated above, hawks will eat hummingbirds if they have limited options, but they often opt for larger prey that will provide them with a filling meal. The same goes for dead or injured hummingbirds, which would make for a low-effort meal for an extra hungry hawk. 

So while dead or injured hummingbirds may not be the preferred choice of prey for hawks, they will certainly take them if the opportunity arises.


So, do hawks eat hummingbirds? Yes, on occasion — usually, when food sources are low. Because of the hawks’ large size, and expert hunting skills, hummingbirds pose little chance of fleeing an attack. 

Hawks will also feast on hummingbird eggs if they’re in danger of starvation. 

Alternatively, hawks also play a vital role in the survival of some hummingbirds, providing them with a safe zone, high up in trees, where other birds of prey steer clear of. So while they may be a threat to individual hummingbirds, hawks play an important role in the overall health of the population.

Ahh. Gotta love nature and how it keeps things in balance. 

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