how far apart should hummingbird feeders be

How Far Apart Should Hummingbird Feeders Be? Your Guide!

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Have you ever put much thought into where to hang your hummingbird feeders? Or do you just find a spot and hang them up in your yard?

There are many types of hummingbird-friendly feeders to choose from, but after you pick out your favorite one, you still have other things to consider. If you really want to turn your yard into a hummingbird garden, then you have to take placement into consideration!

Here are some of the questions you should ask yourself as you start using hummingbird feeders to attract more hummingbirds to your property.

If you are already using feeders, use this list to see if you should make any changes to keep your hummingbirds happier and healthier!

When Should You Hang Your Hummingbird Feeders?

Hummingbirds may gather in Florida and parts of California all year long, however, in most U.S. states, you don’t have to keep your feeders out year-round

Hummingbirds visit some states as they migrate, while other states serve as their summer breeding and nesting grounds.

The best time to hang your feeders is about two weeks before you anticipate hummingbirds to arrive. That way, you can support any early travelers as they recover from their energy-demanding journey!

How Long Should You Leave Your Hummingbird Feeders Out?

Never put your feeders away while hummingbirds are still out and about. It’s best to wait about two weeks after you’ve spotted the last hummingbird at your feeder.

The timing of that will depend on where you live. Some regions see hummingbirds depart by early August, while others may see individual hummingbirds until early November.

Where Should You Hang Your Hummingbird Feeder?

This is such an important question!

There are several factors to consider when choosing the best spot for your feeder.

The best places to hang your hummingbird feeder will meet the following characteristics:

  • Somewhere highly visible, where hummingbirds will easily spot the feeder.
  • Somewhere that already has a lot of nectar-producing flowers, such as a flower garden.
  • A spot that is visible from your windows, but no closer than 15 feet from any windows, in order to protect hummingbirds from hitting the glass.
  • Somewhere safe from predators.
  • A place that is convenient for you to consistently re-fill and clean the feeder.

How Far Apart Should Hummingbird Feeders Be From Other Bird Feeders?

Many birders work hard to create a bird-friendly yard for all of their avian friends. However, hummingbirds are territorial and constantly engage in conflict with other birds.

They don’t like to share their space, so if you hang your hummingbird feeders too close to other bird feeders, you may scare them off altogether.

Personally, I recommend hanging your hummingbird feeder at least 10 feet away from other feeders just to be on the safe side!

Can You Hang Multiple Hummingbird Feeders in One Yard?

how far apart should hummingbird feeders be

The short answer is yes! You can hang multiple hummingbird feeders in your yard or garden.

Because of the territorial nature of hummingbirds, though, it is a good idea to separate the feeders from each other. This way, the birds won’t spend time going on the attack or trying to protect their own territory.

There really is no limit to how many hummingbird feeders a person can own. The bigger your yard, the more you can put up. If you want your hummingbirds to be happy and healthy, it is best to avoid crowding them together.

How Far Apart Should Your Hummingbird Feeders Be?

A good rule of thumb is to hang your feeders so that when a male hummingbird is visiting one, he can’t see any other feeders.

If you can’t spread them out more than 10 feet away from each other, you should probably stick to having just one feeder in your yard.

Should Hummingbird Feeders Be Placed in the Sun or Shade?

The average hummingbird doesn’t mind sun or shade. They are happy to enjoy gathering nectar on any warm day. Why, then, should you avoid the sunniest and shadiest parts of your yard for feeder placement?

Hanging the feeder in direct sunlight can make it easier for the hummingbirds to spot, but it can also speed up the fermentation process. You don’t want the sugar solution to go bad too quickly, as it can be dangerous.

On the other hand, if you hang it in a deeply shaded area, it can be much harder for your hummingbirds to find.

A clean feeder will not benefit your hummingbirds if they can’t find it!

I have had success hanging feeders in areas that offer some shade throughout the day, but not so much that the feeder never sees any sunlight at all.

You know that beautiful dappled sunlight that comes through the trees? That is my favorite place to hang a hummingbird feeder.

How To Attract Hummingbirds to Your Yard

If you’re like me, seeing a hummingbird is a delightful experience! These little birds bring us a lot of joy, and we want to see more of them!

Fortunately, there are countless ways to bring more hummingbirds to your yard. Planting beautiful flowers that have colorful, tubular blooms that provide hummingbird food is a great way to catch your local hummingbird population’s attention.

Choosing plants that attract beneficial insects (and preferably aren’t attractive to aggressive insects such as yellowjackets) is also a great way to attract these tiny birds.

Bird Baths also bring these birds great relief during the scorching summer days.

Of course, providing feeders that are clean, full, and carefully spaced apart from each other is one of the very best strategies. Just make sure that you consider the issues I’ve addressed in this article to ensure that your backyard visitors will not end up competing for resources.

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