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Hummingbird Visit Video – Charming and Heartwarming

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As a birdwatcher and all-around nature lover, this video puts a huge smile on my face no matter how many times I watch it! Take a look at the connection this bird lover has created with a magnificent hummingbird who comes to his window daily to be hand-fed.

Why Handfeed This Hummer?

The backstory of this video only makes it more sweet and touching. The creator of the video, who is identified by his TikTok handle, Birdperson666, received hummingbird hand feeders from his partner as a gift.

Coincidentally, he’d also just lost a close family member. He’d heard that being visited by hummingbirds could be spiritually linked and decided to give it a try.

Gaining the Hummer’s Trust

This avian enthusiast took a smart approach to befriending his backyard companion. Animals can be understandably slow to trust humans, so he glued a hand feeder to the top of a window-mounted seed feeder. This gave the hummer a chance to feed at a bit of a distance while getting used to seeing Birdperson666 through the window.

After acclimating the hummingbird to his presence through the window, our favorite hummer-whisperer began to open the window and reach out to offer an additional hand feeder. He also began speaking to the bird, who soon became comfortable hearing his new friend’s voice.

It took just four days for the bird, who he named Hector (get it, he loves nectar?) to get used to feeding directly from Birdperson’s hand. In time, Hector even grew comfortable turning around and showing his back to Birdperson while feeding, which may demonstrate that Hector doesn’t feel threatened by his presence.

A Beautiful Friendship

Now that the bond is formed, Hector is a regular visitor. He flies to the window daily to be hand-fed by his human bestie, and he’s sometimes already waiting by the window for his morning snack!

The creator of the video explains that Hector will even approach him when he doesn’t have a feeder, such as when he’s outside walking to his car. The tiny creature will look his friend over before zooming off to the mounted feeder.

The connection between human and bird is undeniable, and Birdperson666 feels close and connected to nature thanks to Hector’s daily visits. It’s a heartwarming and relatable sentiment – after all, isn’t that what all of us birdwatchers are searching for?

Handfeeding Birds in Your Backyard

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If you do choose to try to hand-feed hummingbirds, it’s wise to take a slow approach to allow the birds to get used to your presence. Hummingbirds are intelligent creatures, and many people believe that they can recognize and remember humans, though no definitive research has been able to prove that this is true.

We do know that hummingbirds can recall specific flowers and food sources, so if you keep hummer-friendly flowers and freshly filled feeders available in your yard, your feathered friends are likely to keep stopping by.

You should hold as still as possible when hoping to attract hummingbirds or acclimate them to your presence, as they can be suspicious birds. Since these birds are attracted to bright and gaudy colors, especially red, it may also help to wear red clothing or accessories when trying to lure in a new feathered friend.

If you’re patient and keep the fresh nectar flowing, you too may be able to experience the joy of a special connection to one of nature’s most fascinating and beautiful creatures.

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