Angel Bird Feeder Or Angel Bird Bath Add Cuteness To Gardens

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An angel bird feeder and angel bird bath are decorative garden statues
that have a place built in them, to provide seed or water for wild

fairy bird feeder Junco Feeding From
A Snow Fairy Garden Bird Feeder

You may have a statue sitting in your garden right now.

It may in fact have a character holding a dish, which could be used as a bird feeder simply by placing seed in the dish.

This snow fairy bird feeder in the picture makes a perfect bird table for many avian friends to dine on.

If you have a garden figure that does not have a built-in food shelf of some kind, then consider hanging or attaching a shallow bowl on it where seed can be placed for the birds to eat.What Are Angel Bird Feeder Statues Made of?

Decorative Garden Statues Can Be Made of A Variety of Materials

Here is a list of the most commonly used materials:



mix of concrete and resin


resin stone mix






stainless steel



cast iron

How Are Angel Bird Feeders Made?

Garden statuary are made by many different methods.




a wire mesh figure as the base

Some materials such as plaster, unless coated with a weather protector, will not be suitable for an outside bird feeder.

All materials will not be equal in the ease of keeping a bird feeder or bird bath clean.

Tips For Choosing An Angel Bird Feeder

Ask Yourself the Following Questions Before Purchasing:

1. How easy will this garden bird feeder, or bath be to move if a new location is needed?

2. Will the material it is made of be difficult to clean?

3. Would a dish that sits inside the statues bowl be easier to manage for cleaning? Where can one be found that will fit?

4. Would a sieve with holes, small enough for seed not to fall through, be better than a bowl, because the seed will dry out faster after a rain?

5. Is the bowl large enough to hold enough seed for the birds to eat?

6. Is the bowl if used as a bird bath, shallow enough, no deeper than 2 inches, for small garden birds?

7. Do you have time to look after an angel bird feeder? The best answer to many of the above questions, will depend on your available time to look after an angel bird feeder in your garden.

Choose a beautiful, decorative, garden angel bird feeder for yourself, or someone else as a gift, from these.

Choose A Beautiful, Garden
Angel Bird Feeder

Do You Already Have a Garden Statue?

If you have a garden figure that does not have a built-in food shelf of some kind, then consider hanging or attaching a shallow bowl on it, where seed can be placed for the birds to eat.

A simple modification can turn an exiting statue into a bird feeder or bird bath for wild birds to enjoy.

The advantage here too is that they will not have to get used to a new item in the garden as they are already used to it!

Enjoy an angel bird feeder or angel bird bath in your outdoor space as you watch the birds enjoy their dinner!

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