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A Popular Heated Birdbath Review

A List Of Answers You Are Looking For, In This Heated Bird Bath Review?

  • A way to provide wild birds with water in the freezing weather?
  • Something that is light weight?
  • Easy to understand?
  • Quick to setup?
  • Thermostatically controlled, so it does not have to be turned on & off?
  • Easy to clean?
  • Easy to fill?
  • Reliable?

3-In-1 Heated Birdbath
Terra Cotta Color

This is a best selling and favourite heated bird bath of many people. (And my favourite! ;) )

Here's why:

  • This bird bath is shallow, which makes it feel safer for small birds. I place a flat rock in the middle, to allow little birds to stand outside the water safely, without fear of slipping in.
  • This bird bath is versatile in that it has 3 ways that it can be set up, with the hardware for each included:

    > It can be attached to the railing of your deck.
    > Pole mounted in your yard.
    > Or with the legs that are provided, it can sit on the ground or a table.
  • I have always found that birds will choose a darker colour bird bath over a white one. I'm not saying a white bird bath will not be used by birds. But it has been my observation that they prefer darker bird baths. I do not have research to back this up either, it is just my experience.

    This particular heated bird bath comes in a green colour option too. Green and terra cotta coloured water is something birds will find in nature and are accustomed to. Of course the water is getting it's colour from merely reflecting the bottom of the stream. But that is what we see.
  • It is reasonably priced too! Compared to some other heated bird baths, this one is affordable.
  • It is well made because Farm Innovators make quality products for agricultural needs. (They also sell heated chicken fountains, dog bowls, water bottles, pond de-icers and so much more.)

Green 3-In-1 Heated Birdbath

Cord Connect Water-Tight Cord Lock

Heated Birdbath Review

What are the Drawbacks to This Bird Bath?

1. Yes, it does not hold as much water as some other heated bird baths. It will require filling more often. So you will want to consider where you place, if you are trudging through snow to fill it up.

But the flip side to this is, filling it more often means fresher and cleaner water for the wild birds. Our bath gets lots of use all day, making it necessary for it to be dumped and refilled with fresh water daily.

Also as I mentioned earlier, small birds would rather not have to deal with a lot of deep water in a bird bath.

2. The cord is very short. You will need a three pronged extension cord suitable for outside. Note: If the company made the cord longer then the price would be considerably more for everyone, whether you needed the longer cord or not.|

Also some people have mentioned in the reviews that the company has written into the instructions not to use an extension cord. It is true, it does say that, but my opinion is that they do not want to become liable if someone misuses the heated bath with an extension attached and is hurt.  Almost all heated bird baths I am familiar with have a very short cord and will need an extension cord. So it is our responsibility when dealing with electricity to use it wisely.

Pedestal Style Version

This birdbath also comes as a pedestal style that can stand on it's own if you prefer.

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Heated Birdbath Review

How Do Birds Benefit from a Heated Bird Bath in Winter?

  •     Eating snow lowers body heat, which creates...

  •     a need for more energy to stay warm, which results...

  •     in a need to find more food. A heated bird bath reduces the ill effects of not having open water to drink.

  •     Bathing helps birds keep their feathers in top condition for flying.

  •     Being able to use a bird bath in winter gives the birds an opportunity to get rid of parasites.

Farm Innovators

3-In-1 Heated Birdbath

I love mine!

Watch the videos!

Looks peaceful & quiet, but not for long.

Splashing & Enjoying at -5C/23F!

Little birds love it because it is shallow.

Even at -5F having a bath is good. :D

Everyone needs to drink!

An unusual lull in activity.

Owning the birdbath as only Mourning Doves can do!

Heated Birdbath Review

Choose The Colour You Like Best!

Terra Cotta


Heated Bird Bath Review

More Info On Types of Bird Bathing Habits Below & In the Right Column

  • Dust Baths, sun bathing and "anting" may seem like odd practices to humans, but we actually practice activities for the very same purposes.
  • Cleaning Bird Baths on a regular schedule is very necessary for wild bird health and enjoyment.
  • Heated Bird Baths are a wonderful way to provide water for wild birds in winter in areas where the temperatures reach the freezing mark.
  • Homemade Bird Bath How to make a recycled, upcycled bird bath by repurposing used items. The birds love it and it is beautiful too.
  • Bird Bathing Info A bath for birds also provides a basic need for the wild birds too and that is water to drink to sustain their lives.

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