Hummingbird FAQ With Helpful Questions and Answers

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This Hummingbird FAQ will answer a lot of your questions about these
fascinating little birds. Questions about their food, migration or any other question you may have.

Tiniest Birds In The WorldA hummingbird perched on tall grass.

There are 2 dozen pages on this website of engaging information about the tiniest birds on the planet. You will find links to all this information in the right-hand column.

If you can’t find something you would like to know, just feel free to ask
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It is very likely that someone else would like to know the answer to your question too.

For instance, Julie asked this question

Freezing Hummingbird Solution

We made excess hummingbird food prior to going on vacation.  Our house sitter did not use all of the food as the birds migrated before we arrived home.  Can the excess sugar solution be frozen, to be thawed and used next Spring?

My Answer:

Thank you for asking!
There should be no problem freezing the Hummingbird solution and then thawing it out in the spring if it is just water and white sugar.

It is wonderful that you made arrangements for your Hummers to be looked after while you were away. Great decision on your part!

Hope this helps and happy birding!


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Hummingbird FAQ: About “The Flying Jewels!”

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I believe that I am currently feeding …

I hope you have enjoyed asking and sharing. And if you have not contributed anything because you have a question that is not Hummingbird related, that’s OK. Ask it anyway and I will move it to a suitable location. You will be notified of where it is if you have chosen to be notified when your question is posted.

There is a great deal that can come-up when feeding wild birds, so it is only natural that questions will arise.

And, there is no stupid question.

None of us know anything until we seek out the answers. And if you don’t ask, you may never discover the truth about these enthralling animals.

Also by asking you may be able to help someone else. It is very likely that another backyard bird feeder will be helped out by the answers your question receives.

Thanks so much and please feel free to use this Hummingbird FAQ!

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