Stopping Feeding Our Wildlife Due to Moving

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We have been feeding our birds and squirrels for many years now. Unfortunately, we will be moving in the next several months.

How do we go about discontinuing their main food source?

We fill the feeder daily and our squirrels are quite well-fed with peanuts, fruits, etc.

We love our wildlife and are so sad we must leave them behind. Help!

Answer: Slowly Cut Down & They Will Adapt


We had to do the same thing many years ago. I felt terrible leaving all my little friends who I felt with some we had built a relationship.

It may sound strange to some but the hummingbirds, chickadees, and nuthatches would land on us when we sat out on the deck. It was truly wonderful!

If you live near other houses where other people are feeding wild birds, then your feathered visitors are already using those other food sources.

Wild birds have a routine that you have probably noticed already.

They will travel from feeding-station to feeding-station all day. Each species will hit your backyard at a certain time each day then travel to the next.

If this is the case in your situation then the birds will gradually stop coming to your house on their routine when the food is no longer available.

Even if you do not have close enough neighbors to be on your wild bird daily travel they will have natural sources that they visit regularly.

To ease the transition and make it smoother for them I would suggest taking your feeders inside midday for a few hours. Then gradually increase the amount of time the feeders are not available to them.

This will help them to become accustomed to not seeing your bird feeders all the time and help to ease them away from your yard.

They will miss your offerings, there is no doubt. But they are survivors and will gradually stop visiting your house.

Hopefully, the new occupants to your home will be bird feeders.

I hope this is some help.

Happy birding!

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