Gray Squirrel, One of 5 Types, Play Havoc At Bird Feeders

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The Gray Squirrel, Like the Other’s, are Confused

“Plan To Win With Gray Squirrels & The Others!”

You have hung a bird feeder!

So the invitation is sent, and now, you want to tell the squirrels, they are not invited!

And truly they are in disbelief!

red squirrelThis Little Red Squirrel is Confused!

In North America there are northern and southern gray squirrels, flying squirrels, fox squirrels and red squirrels.

These 5 rodents are probably the most commonplace problem at bird feeders that backyard birders have to deal with.

Squirrels are as persistent as they are cute. (I know some of you would not agree with the second part of that statement, but they are only following what comes naturally to them after all.)  


gray-squirrelA Gray Squirrel “Wildly” Follows Instinct

Your Part In This Problem & The Solutions

You have sent out the invitation by hanging up a bird feeder.

Now how are you going to tell the squirrels they are not invited anymore!

You cannot blame the squirrels, when they are certain that, that delicious food you have put out, is for them.

And, they are “wildly” determined not to snub their nose at your invitation, no matter how hard you try to tell them they cannot come to the party any longer.

Their instinct to survive, won’t let them believe you are retracting this gift you put out for them.

The colder it gets outside, the more determined they will be too

How to Un-invite Squirrels?

Getting the message across the specie void, has not proven easy for humans over the years.

Squirrels are not easy to retract an invite from!

You will need a plan and lots of patience.

So let’s prove we are the “smarter” species.

There really are good fixes to this long standing problem.

Yes, squirrels can be stopped from, hogging all the bird seed, chewing the bird feeders, chasing the birds away and when you open your mind to greater understanding, they are especially entertaining.

3 Quick Facts About Squirrels at Feeders

ǃ  You have asked the squirrels to your bird feeders.
ǃ  You are the solution.
ǃ  You need to make a plan to keep squirrels out.

How to Prepare and Create a Plan for Keeping Squirrels Out of Bird Feeders

1. How Do Squirrels Behave?

When you understand a little about squirrel behaviour, you will be better armed to waylay their efforts and win!

2. Best Squirrel Proof Bird Feeders

Guaranteed No Squirrels!!!

Two feeders that squirrels cannot eat from and both have a life time warranty!

3. Squirrel Resistant Bird Feeders & the Scoop on Seed That Squirrels Usually Do Not Like?

As we all know there are many bird feeders that claim to be “squirrel proof”.

But being squirrel proof in one area or situation, is different than being squirrel proof against all squirrels, everywhere, as the feeders in #2 above are, seriously.

There is seed too, that some squirrels do not like.

Learn about these methods, they will be helpful to know.

4. Baffle the Squirrels!!

Baffle your bird feeder poles and/or hang them above the feeder to limit access to your bird feeders.

Learn about one which is hilarious in action. It will bring back fun memories for some of you.

5. Beat ’em & Feed ’em! After Beating Them at Your Feeder… Feed Them with Their Very Own Feeder!

Setting up a feeder for a gray squirrel and cousins in your backyard, can provide an abundance of fun and laughter.

Their acrobatic antics and plain old cuteness, might just work wonders to increase the enjoyment of your backyard!   

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