Squirrel Feeder To Attract Squirrels Away From Bird Feeders

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First Beat’em & Then, Feed’em!

squirrel feeder A Squirrel Feeder Will Provide Hours of
Entertainment & Fun

After Beating Them at Your Bird Feeder…
Feed Them with Their Very Own Feeder!

Not This!

squirrel and bird food


squirrel peanut in the shell feeder

What are the Benefits of Feeding Squirrels?

  1. Very little waiting time before they find your offering. Not like with bird feeding where you can wait a long time until they find your birdseed.
  2. Squirrels are not fussy! They have their favs, but they will eat just about anything you put out. Not like birds who are choosy when it comes to diet.
  3. They will provide lots of fun. They are very entertaining little creatures! Like birds!

Below are some interesting ways to feed squirrels.

What Do Squirrels Like to Eat?

Squirrels eat a varied diet in the wild, which provides better nutrition than just one food item.

Here is a list of foods squirrels like, some providing better nutrition than others.

Healthy List

Nuts in the shell are best:

  • walnuts
  • acorns
  • pecans
  • hickory
  • hazelnut
  • butternut
  • beachnut
  • almonds

Along with these foods:

  • fruits (not citrus)
  • vegetables
  • insects
  • store-bought squirrel pellets

Not As Healthy

Other foods that are acceptable:

  • corn
  • peanut butter
  • roasted peanuts
  • pistachio nuts
  • pumpkin & pumpkin seed
  • sunflower seeds

Do not feed:

  • human food like bread, candy, cookies, etc.
  • nyjer seed (most squirrels don’t like it)
  • raw peanuts

How to Make a Simple Squirrel Feeder?

diy-basket-squirrel-feeder Image Credit: Flickr.com

A very simple squirrel feeder that you can easily make yourself.

  1. Simply tie string, sisal rope (will be very strong), yarn, wire or chain to a basket or up-cycle a plastic takeout food container instead of using a basket.
  2. Fill it with one of the squirrel’s favorite foods from the list above.
  3. Hang it up outside where you can enjoy watching the squirrels munching on the treat you provided for them.

Feed the Squirrels With Their Own Feeders

Other Considerations Are:

  1. Is It Legal In Your Municipality?
  2. Is It Safe From A Health Perspective?
  3. Will It Be “Neighbourly Acceptable” to Feed Squirrels?
  4. It is important to know if your municipality where you live even allows feeding wildlife. Check this out with the local authorities before starting to feed the squirrels. Once you have the little critters used to your handouts, it will be hard to get it across to them that you are no longer offering free meals.
  5. Is it safe to feed wild animals? That is what squirrels and chipmunks are who live in our neighborhoods, wild animals. They are cute but they could carry disease and before you decide to be up close and personal then the risk of contracting an illness must be considered.
hand feeding squirrels Hand Feeding Chipmunk
making friends with squirrels How Friendly Will You Be?

The fact is, if you feed one little animal, you will have many! This is a situation where you will have to care about what your neighbors think. Not everyone will appreciate having several or more little furry bodies running around their yard.

Once you have given careful thought to these three questions, then you can make a better decision about what you will do.

red squirrel feeder Where There Is One, More Will Follow

And finally,

harmony in your backyard!

More On Winning With Squirrels

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