Strange Long Necked Bird

Strange Long Necked Bird

(Bowling Green, Kentucky)

Today, 5/6/2020, a bird flew into a tree in my backyard.

It was about the size of a very large crow, the neck was extended when it flew in and neck was about a foot long.

It had a pretty large wingspan. The legs didn’t look exceedingly long.

The bill was long, narrow, and pointed.

The color was a dull, dark brownish color, not an attractive color.

When it landed in the tree, the neck kind of folded up and wasn’t visible but when it took off again, the neck was extended.

It looked a lot like an Anhinga but had no white on it.


I think it is an adult male Anhinga as the white/silvery wing color does not show up when sitting with folded wings.

In your picture, the color looks black but can be deceiving in pictures.

Females have brown/tan heads which this one does not look like it has different head colors and an immature look like the adult female.

Just my evaluation from what you described and the picture.

Thanks for asking!


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