Wild Bird Newsletter Archive 2018

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Wild Bird Newsletter Archive 2018

The Wild Bird Newsletter Archive holds all the links to the most recent newsletters sent out to Wild Bird Scoop subscribers. Please read and enjoy!

If You haven’t signed up to receive your own copy, please do in the form below. It would be great to have You along!12/16/2018 – What Is Essential for Wild Birds This Winter?

red-breasted nuthatch in winter

What is essential for wild birds this winter?

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It seems simple and straight forward. Wild birds require water to survive just as we do.

The challenge that our feathered friends have in winter in many regions, is to find a fresh source of water.

Their drinking water tap does not flow for them, as it does for us!

11/25/2018 – 8 Steps To Abundant Birds This Winter

fly thru feeder

8 Steps To Abundant Birds This Winter
Multiple Ways to Provide Cold Weather Bird Shelter

It is always a great joy to look outside and see wild birds enjoying the bird food we have put out for them.

We are helping them to survive the winter weather and tipping the balance back in their favor after taking away their chances of survival in so many other ways.

Preparing our yards thoughtfully in the fall; laying out a hardy winter food table; providing some extra shelter for windy nights; and  don’t forget that food goes down better with something to drink!

11/18/2018 – Look at that bird!!!  What is it?

Have you ever said “Look at that bird!!!  What is it?”

The Cornell Lab of Ornithology’s Bird Academy is offering a free course to help everyone who wants to participate in Project Feeder Watch, to better hone their bird identification skills.

Some people decide not to participate because they are afraid they will not be able to correctly identify the birds they see.

10/21/2018 – Bat Facts!

bat facts

 Bat Facts!

What can we do? What will we do?

The very first thing we need to do is embrace the true facts about bats and not let the myths prevail.

Like so many other creatures we share our earth with, bats are in danger. We can help. Many people are already doing that.

Just knowing what is true, is the best place to begin.

10/07/2018 – Should You Feed Wild Birds Treats?

angel bird feeder

Just Want You to Know You are Appreciated!
Should You Feed Wild Birds Treats?
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Not the food items we call treats, candy, and chocolate, but treats made with peanut butter, suet, nuts and seeds will be much appreciated and enjoyed!

There is a much wider variety of food you can use to make dining a pleasure for your backyard birds too

09/16/2018 – Should You Feed Wild Birds In Autumn?

red-bellied woodpecker

(*v*)  Should You Feed Wild Birds In Autumn?
(*v*)  A Great Style of Feeder For Winter & Why..
(*v*)  Featuring The “Bird Perch Hotel”

You have fed the birds in your backyard all summer. It has been fun and exciting to watch them as they go about their busy lives building homes and raising families.

You have had an opportunity to get a close up look at their behaviour towards one another and you probably saw things for the first time, even though you have been feeding wild birds for many years.

They have given you months of pleasure.

07/08/2018 – Do You Know Who, Or What, Kills Most Songbirds?


(*v*)  But First, Charmed by Feeding Finches!
(*v*)  Do You Know Who, Kills Most Songbirds?
(*v*)  ..Or What, Kills Most Songbirds?

If you have questions about how and what to feed finches, then read on.

Did you know a group of Finches, whether they are Goldfinches, House Finches or Purple Finches are called a “charm”!

Seems quite fitting doesn’t it, for these chipper, chattery, little creatures to have such an endearing name attached to them as they travel about together.

06/03/2018 – How Many Ways Do Birds Bathe?

bird bath

(*v*)  How to Choose the Best Bird Baths to Attract Lots of Birds!
(*v*)  It’s True, Wild Birds Have Many Other Ways of Bathing!
(*v*)  Your Privacy Is Very Important to Us & What We Are Doing About It…

Why are bird baths the best way to attract lots of birds?

It is fairly simple when you think about it. All living things require water to survive.

We provide nyjer seed for Finches, suet for Woodpeckers, syrup feeders for Hummingbirds and a variety of other feeders and seed to attract specific types of birds.

05/13/2018 – The Winners Are, Be Part of Bird Science – it’s easy

Eastern Bluebird

(*v*)  Wild Birds Winter “Chow Time” Photo Contest was a Huge Success!
(*v*)  Take a Few Minutes to be Involved In Citizen Bird Science..
(*v*)  Let’s All be Part of Saving Our Dear House Finches..

There were so many great entries, it was incredibly difficult to pick just 3 winners!

We thank each contestant for their wonderful photographic contribution!

The team at WildBirdScoop.com consider each entry a winner!

04/14/2018 – Spring Tips, Inviting Blackbird Families, Vote

black-capped chickadee

More Ways to Support Birds This Spring..
Welcoming Blackbirds to Your Backyard..
Have You Voted Yet? It’s the Last Day!

More Ways to Support Birds This Spring
Continuing with ways to support our wild birds during the spring:

Another spring clean-up tip. Consider letting dead trees stand. Here’s why:

Why Snags are Needed by Wild Birds

Provide the type of bird housing that meets the needs of the birds you want to attract.

03/29/2018 – The Seasons are Changing

bird nesting habits

Nesting Habits Can Be Surprising

The seasons are changing and spring is in full swing for some of us and teasing along for others.

But whatever your experience is with this season swap, you know for sure that the birds are heeding a wild call to head for their breeding grounds and get to work.

Territories must be marked out, mates must be found, or reunited with, and homes must be built before the “littluns” arrive.

03/11/2018 – How are Bird Houses & Roosting Boxes Different?

purple martin house

Are You a Bird House Real Estate Expert? Take the quiz to find out!

There is a lot to know about how different birds prefer to house their young and what they require to do this.

Many birds do not use a birdhouse at all. They prefer to build a nest on a tree branch or a ledge or even some birds just find an agreeable spot, be it the ground or a rock cliff, and lay their eggs there.

Birdhouses are designed in many different ways to provide a particular type of bird a housing opportunity. Birds that will use a birdhouse are cavity nesters and some would rather find a natural cavity.

Barnacle Geese in Greenland

I watched a very interesting nature show recently that was produced by BBC with David Attenborough narrating. He told the story of Barnacle Geese which nest and raise their young in Greenland. They choose the most impossible location, very high on rocky cliffs where their young will be safe from predators, like the arctic fox.

03/01/2018 – Wild Birds Winter “Chow Time” Photo Contest is Now Open!

(*v*)  Meet our respected Judges!

(*v*)  Check out all the prizes!

(*v*)  Read the contest rules.

The First Prize is Really a Winner!

It will look fantastic in Your yard with all the beautiful birds it is designed to attract.

Special thanks to Brome Bird Care our sponsor for this wonderful prize going to the first place winner!

And most of all, get out & get snapping what the birds are eating this winter!



02/19/2018 – Our first ever photo contest is starting soon!

photo contest

A great idea for Year of the Bird!

Last issue of Wild Bird Scoop I shared that it is “Year of the Bird” and encouraged everyone to do something each month to help wild birds thrive.

I gave you a list of suggestions to help spark some ideas. I have copied them here again, but I have one more to add to the list.

One suggestion from last issue’s list was becoming a Citizen Scientist, by reporting the birds you see in your backyard or when you are on a walk.

Soon Reports of Returning Hummers Will be Available

This is a perfect time to look at your nectar feeders and decide what you need.

  • Do you need a new feeder?
  • How many feeders do you need to keep the peace?
  • A variety of different sizes of cleaning brushes is helpful.
  • Will you use an umbrella over your feeder to protect the nectar from filling up with rain?
  • Consider providing nesting material for your female Hummers.
  • Which flowering plants to attract Hummers would you like?
  • Will you change the location of your feeders this year?
  • Keep an eye for sugar sales to stock up for the season.

02/03/2018 – One Hundred Years Ago An Act Was Passed.

Do heated bird baths hurt wild birds?

It is understandable that someone might wonder about the health and safety of heated bird baths for wild birds.

Bird watchers can have many questions about this seemingly unusual piece of equipment for wild bird watching.

Click the link above to read the full story.

One Hundred Years Ago an Important Act was Passed!

One hundred years ago the Migratory Bird Treaty Act was
passed, between the United States of America and Great Britain (on
behalf of Canada) in 1918, to save migratory birds around the world.

It was extremely important for the protection of wild birds.

Sadly, there are some who would like to undo the good that the agreement has accomplished.

Click the link above to read the full story.

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